Michael Imperioli


Michael Imperioli is an American actor, writer, and director, who is best known for his role as Christopher Moltisanti in the hit television series “The Sopranos.” However, Imperioli’s life and career have been anything but ordinary. From his early struggles as a struggling actor to his recent arrest for murder, Imperioli’s journey has been full of ups and downs.

Early Life and Career

Michael Imperioli

Young Michael Imperioli

Michael Imperioli was born on March 26, 1966, in Mount Vernon, New York. He grew up in a working-class family and attended local schools in the area. Imperioli was always interested in acting and began performing in school plays at a young age. However, it wasn’t until he was in his early twenties that he decided to pursue acting as a career.

Struggles as an Actor

Imperioli moved to New York City in the late 1980s to pursue his acting dreams. However, he struggled to find work and spent several years working odd jobs to make ends meet. It wasn’t until he landed a role in the independent film “Jungle Fever” in 1991 that his career began to take off. Imperioli went on to appear in several other films and television shows, including “Goodfellas,” “Malcolm X,” and “Law & Order.”

The Sopranos and Beyond

Role in “The Sopranos”

Imperioli’s breakthrough role came in 1999 when he was cast as Christopher Moltisanti in the hit HBO series “The Sopranos.” The show was a critical and commercial success, and Imperioli’s performance earned him several award nominations, including an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series.

Other Roles and Projects

After “The Sopranos” ended in 2007, Imperioli continued to work in film and television. He appeared in several movies, including “The Lovely Bones,” “Stuck,” and “The Call.” He also made guest appearances on several TV shows, including “Californication,” “Girls,” and “Blue Bloods.” In addition to acting, Imperioli has also worked as a writer and director, and has written several episodes of “The Sopranos” and directed several episodes of “Mad Dogs.”

Recent Controversies

Arrest for Murder

In February 2021, Imperioli made headlines when he was arrested for murder in New York City. According to reports, Imperioli was involved in a fight with a man outside a bar in Queens, which resulted in the man’s death. Imperioli has denied any involvement in the incident and is currently awaiting trial.

Personal Life and Net Worth

Imperioli is married to Victoria Chlebowski, and the couple has three children together. As of 2021, Imperioli’s net worth is estimated to be around $20 million, thanks to his successful acting career and other business ventures.


Michael Imperioli’s life and career have been full of twists and turns, from his early struggles as an actor to his breakout role in “The Sopranos” to his recent arrest for murder. Despite these controversies, Imperioli remains a respected and talented actor, writer, and director, and his contributions to the entertainment industry will not be forgotten.

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