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Micheline Roquebrune is a name that may not be as well-known as her famous husband, Sean Connery, but she has been a significant presence in his life for over four decades. Roquebrune is an artist and painter who has had her work exhibited in galleries around the world. She has also been a supportive partner to Connery, standing by him through his career and personal ups and downs. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the life and love of Micheline Roquebrune.

Early Life and Career

Micheline Roquebrune

Micheline Roquebrune was born in 1929 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Her father was a wealthy businessman, and her mother was a French artist. Roquebrune grew up in a privileged environment and was educated at a private school. She showed an early talent for art and went on to study at the Edinburgh College of Art. Roquebrune eventually moved to London, where she worked as a model and a television hostess. She also continued to pursue her passion for art and began exhibiting her work in galleries.

Meeting Sean Connery

Micheline Roquebrune first met Sean Connery in 1970 at a golf tournament in Morocco. At the time, Connery was married to his first wife, Diane Cilento. However, he and Roquebrune developed a friendship that eventually turned into a romantic relationship. Connery and Cilento divorced in 1973, and he and Roquebrune married in 1975. They have been together ever since, and Roquebrune has been a constant support to Connery throughout his career and personal life.

Life with Sean Connery

Micheline Roquebrune has been a significant presence in Sean Connery’s life for over four decades. She has stood by him through his successes and failures, including his decision to retire from acting in 2006. Roquebrune has also been a partner to Connery in his philanthropic work, including his support of the Scottish International Education Trust, which provides scholarships to Scottish students.

Plastic Surgery Story

There have been rumors over the years that Micheline Roquebrune has had plastic surgery. However, Roquebrune has never confirmed or denied these rumors. She has always maintained a dignified silence on the subject and has focused instead on her art and her life with Sean Connery.


Micheline Roquebrune may not be a household name, but she has been an important presence in the life of one of the most famous actors in the world. Roquebrune’s talent as an artist and her unwavering support for Sean Connery have made her a beloved figure to those who know her. She has lived a fascinating life, and her story is a testament to the power of love and art.


Who is Micheline Roquebrune?

Micheline Roquebrune is the wife of the late Scottish actor Sean Connery. She is a Moroccan-French painter and artist.

How did Micheline Roquebrune meet Sean Connery?

Micheline Roquebrune met Sean Connery in 1970 at the golf tournament in Morocco. At the time, Connery was married to his first wife, Diane Cilento.

When did Micheline Roquebrune and Sean Connery get married?

Micheline Roquebrune and Sean Connery got married on May 6, 1975, in Gibraltar.

What is Micheline Roquebrune’s profession?

Micheline Roquebrune is a painter and artist.

How long were Micheline Roquebrune and Sean Connery married?

Micheline Roquebrune and Sean Connery were married for 45 years until his death in 2020.

Did Micheline Roquebrune have children with Sean Connery?

No, Micheline Roquebrune did not have any children with Sean Connery. Connery had a son, Jason Connery, from his previous marriage.

What was Micheline Roquebrune’s relationship with Sean Connery like?

Micheline Roquebrune and Sean Connery had a loving and supportive relationship. They were often seen together at public events and were known to be each other’s biggest supporters.

What is Micheline Roquebrune’s net worth?

Micheline Roquebrune’s net worth is not publicly known.

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