Miriam Hopkins


When it comes to the golden age of Hollywood, many names come to mind. However, one actress who often goes overlooked is Miriam Hopkins. Despite being known for her beauty and talent, Hopkins is often overshadowed by her peers. In this blog post, we will dive into the life and career of Miriam Hopkins, exploring her biography, movies, and photo gallery.


Miriam Hopkins

Early Life

Miriam Hopkins was born on October 18, 1902, in Savannah, Georgia. She was the daughter of a wealthy family and was educated at home. Her family moved to New York City when she was a teenager, and she began her acting career on Broadway in the 1920s.


After finding success on Broadway, Hopkins moved to Hollywood in the early 1930s. She quickly became a popular leading lady, appearing in films such as “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” (1931) and “The Story of Temple Drake” (1933). Hopkins was known for her versatility as an actress, playing both dramatic and comedic roles with ease.


The Story of Temple Drake (1933)

In this controversial film, Hopkins plays the titular character, a young woman who is kidnapped and raped. The film was banned in several states and caused a public outcry, but Hopkins’ performance was praised by critics.

Design for Living (1933)

In this romantic comedy, Hopkins stars alongside Gary Cooper and Fredric March. The film follows a love triangle between the three characters, with Hopkins’ character Gilda caught in the middle. The film was a critical and commercial success.

Photo Gallery

Miriam Hopkins Feet

One of the most popular searches related to Hopkins is for pictures of her feet. While this may seem odd, it speaks to her status as a sex symbol in the 1930s. Hopkins’ feet were often featured in publicity photos and were considered to be one of her best assets.

Miriam Hopkins Sheer

Another popular search related to Hopkins is for pictures of her in sheer clothing. Hopkins was known for her daring fashion choices, and often wore revealing outfits both on and off screen. While some may consider her wardrobe choices scandalous, they were a reflection of her confidence and individuality.


While Miriam Hopkins may not be as well-known as some of her peers, her talent and beauty are undeniable. Through her performances in films such as “The Story of Temple Drake” and “Design for Living,” Hopkins left a lasting impression on Hollywood. And through her daring fashion choices and iconic publicity photos, she became a symbol of individuality and confidence. We hope this blog post has helped you discover or rediscover the incredible career of Miriam Hopkins.


Who is Miriam Hopkins?

Miriam Hopkins was an American actress who rose to fame in the 1930s and 1940s. She appeared in over 30 films and was known for her versatility and strong performances.

What is the book “Discovering Miriam Hopkins” about?

“Discovering Miriam Hopkins” is a biography of the actress that explores her life, career, and personal struggles. It also includes a comprehensive list of her movies and a photo gallery.

What movies did Miriam Hopkins star in?

Miriam Hopkins starred in over 30 films, including “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” “Trouble in Paradise,” “The Smiling Lieutenant,” “Becky Sharp,” and “These Three.”

What was Miriam Hopkins known for?

Miriam Hopkins was known for her versatility as an actress and her strong performances in both comedic and dramatic roles. She was also known for her beauty and elegance on screen.

What is included in the photo gallery of “Discovering Miriam Hopkins”?

The photo gallery in “Discovering Miriam Hopkins” includes a collection of rare and never-before-seen photos of the actress, as well as stills from her movies and behind-the-scenes shots.

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