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About Nia Sioux

Nia Sioux Frazier is a talented dancer, actress, and singer who gained fame as a cast member on the hit reality TV show Dance Moms. Born on June 20, 2001, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Nia started dancing at the young age of three and quickly developed a passion for the art form. She joined the Abby Lee Dance Company at the age of eight and became a regular on Dance Moms in 2011. Since then, Nia has become a popular social media influencer and has even released her own music.

Early Life and Career

Nia Sioux was born to Evan and Holly Frazier and has two younger brothers. She began dancing at the age of three and joined the Abby Lee Dance Company at the age of eight. Nia quickly became a standout performer and caught the attention of Dance Moms producers. She made her debut on the show in 2011 and quickly became a fan favorite. Nia’s time on Dance Moms helped her gain a large following on social media and opened up opportunities for her to pursue other projects.

Dance Moms

Nia Sioux’s time on Dance Moms was a major part of her career and helped her gain a large following of fans. She was known for her strong work ethic and positive attitude, even in the face of criticism from the show’s tough coach, Abby Lee Miller. Nia’s performances on the show were often praised by the judges and she became known for her powerful and emotional dance routines. Since leaving the show in 2016, Nia has continued to dance and pursue other projects.

Nia Sioux’s Latest News

Nia Sioux

Social Media Presence

Nia Sioux is active on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Her Instagram account has over 5 million followers and she often shares photos and videos of her dance performances, fashion, and personal life. Nia’s TikTok account has over 1 million followers and features her lip-syncing to popular songs and participating in dance challenges. She also uses her social media platforms to promote her music and other projects.

Music Career

Nia Sioux has been pursuing a music career in addition to her dancing and acting. She released her debut single, “Star In Your Own Life,” in 2015 and has since released several other singles and music videos. Nia’s music has been well-received by fans and she has been praised for her powerful vocals and relatable lyrics. She has also performed her music live at various events and concerts.

Nia Sioux’s Boyfriend

Relationship Status

Nia Sioux has been dating her boyfriend, Bryce Xavier, since 2019. Bryce is also a social media influencer and musician and has over 1 million followers on Instagram. Nia and Bryce often share photos and videos of each other on their social media accounts and have been supportive of each other’s careers. They have also collaborated on music projects together.

Public Appearances

Nia Sioux and Bryce Xavier have made several public appearances together, including red carpet events and music festivals. They have also performed together at various events and concerts. Fans of the couple often express their support for their relationship on social media and enjoy seeing them together in public.


Nia Sioux has come a long way since her early days as a young dancer on Dance Moms. She has become a successful performer, influencer, and musician, and has gained a large following of fans who admire her talent and positive attitude. With her continued success in the entertainment industry, it is clear that Nia Sioux has a bright future ahead of her.


Who is Nia Sioux?

Nia Sioux is a dancer, singer, and actress who rose to fame on the reality TV show “Dance Moms.” She has since pursued a career in the entertainment industry, releasing music and appearing in TV shows and movies.

What is the latest news about Nia Sioux?

As of [insert date], the latest news about Nia Sioux is [insert news]. This could be anything from a new project announcement to a personal update about her life.

Does Nia Sioux have a boyfriend?

It is not currently known if Nia Sioux has a boyfriend. She has not publicly confirmed any romantic relationships.

What updates are there about “Dance Moms” and Nia Sioux?

As of [insert date], there are no updates about Nia Sioux’s involvement with “Dance Moms.” However, fans of the show can still follow her career and personal updates on her social media accounts.

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