Nicole Kang


Nicole Kang is a talented actress who is making waves in the entertainment industry. She has appeared in various TV shows and movies, including The CW’s Batwoman and the indie film Measures. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Nicole Kang’s career, her personal life, and her stunning pics on Instagram.

Early Life and Career

Nicole Kang

Nicole Kang was born on October 28, 1991, in Paramus, New Jersey. She grew up in a family of Korean immigrants and attended Rutgers University, where she studied psychology. However, Nicole’s passion for acting led her to pursue a career in entertainment.

She started her acting career in 2016, with a small role in the TV series You Can’t Do That on Television. However, her breakthrough role came in 2019, when she was cast as Mary Hamilton in The CW’s Batwoman. Her performance was widely praised, and she quickly became a fan favorite.


In 2020, Nicole Kang starred in the indie film Measures, which premiered at the Slamdance Film Festival. The film tells the story of a young couple who must confront their past traumas when they are forced to spend a weekend together. Nicole’s performance in the film was praised by critics, and it showcased her range as an actress.

Measures was a significant departure from Nicole’s previous work in TV, and it allowed her to explore more complex and nuanced characters. The film was a critical success, and it earned several awards at film festivals around the world.

Poison Ivy

Nicole Kang is also known for her role as Mary Hamilton in The CW’s Batwoman, where she plays the step-sister of Kate Kane, the titular character. In the show, Mary is a medical student who becomes the vigilante’s confidante and ally.

However, fans of the DC Comics universe might also recognize Nicole Kang for her role as Pamela Isley, a.k.a. Poison Ivy, in the fan-made web series Gotham Stories. The series explores the origins of Batman’s most iconic villains, and Nicole’s portrayal of Poison Ivy was praised by fans for its depth and complexity.

Instagram and Stunning Pics

Nicole Kang is also active on social media, particularly on Instagram, where she has over 100,000 followers. Her Instagram feed is a mix of behind-the-scenes photos from her projects, selfies, and stunning pics of her travels and adventures.

One thing that stands out in Nicole’s Instagram feed is her fashion sense. She is often seen wearing stylish outfits that showcase her unique sense of style. She also frequently posts pics of her legs, which have become something of a signature for her fans.


Nicole Kang is a rising star in the entertainment industry, and her talent and versatility have earned her critical acclaim and a growing fan base. Whether she is playing a medical student, a vigilante’s ally, or a notorious villain, Nicole brings depth and nuance to her performances. And with her stunning pics on Instagram, she has also become a fashion icon and a source of inspiration for her fans.

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