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Olivia d’Abo is a British-American actress, singer, and songwriter who has been active in the entertainment industry for over three decades. She has appeared in numerous movies, TV shows, and music videos and has established herself as a versatile and talented performer. In this blog post, we will explore the life and career of Olivia d’Abo, including her movies, feet, wiki, Instagram, personal life, and more!

Olivia d’Abo Movies

Olivia D'Abo

Early Career

Olivia d’Abo began her acting career in the early 1980s, appearing in minor roles in various movies and TV shows. Her breakthrough role came in 1984 when she played Karen Bracelet in the movie “Bolero.” She went on to appear in several other movies, including “Conan the Destroyer” (1984), “The Last Good Time” (1994), and “Kicking and Screaming” (1995). She also lent her voice to the character of Jane Porter in the animated movie “The Legend of Tarzan” (1999).

Recent Work

In recent years, Olivia d’Abo has continued to work in the entertainment industry, appearing in movies such as “The Green Inferno” (2013) and “The Twilight Zone” (2019). She has also appeared in TV shows such as “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” (2012) and “Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce” (2014-2018). Her most recent movie is “The Great Illusion” (2020), in which she plays the role of Mary.

Olivia d’Abo Feet

Feet Rating

Olivia d’Abo’s feet have been a topic of discussion among her fans for many years. Some have praised her feet for their beauty and elegance, while others have criticized them for being too large or unattractive. Despite the mixed opinions, Olivia d’Abo’s feet have been consistently rated as above average by various online foot rating websites.

Feet Photos

There are many photos of Olivia d’Abo’s feet available online, including candid shots and posed photos. Some of these photos have been taken by paparazzi, while others have been shared by Olivia herself on her social media accounts. Fans of Olivia d’Abo’s feet can find a wealth of images online to satisfy their curiosity.

Olivia d’Abo Wiki

Early Life

Olivia d’Abo was born on January 22, 1969, in London, England. Her mother, Maggie London, was a model and actress, and her father, Mike d’Abo, was a musician and songwriter. Olivia grew up in a creative and artistic environment and began acting at a young age. She attended the American School in London and later moved to Los Angeles with her family.

Career Highlights

Olivia d’Abo’s career highlights include her role as Karen Bracelet in the movie “Bolero,” her voice role as Jane Porter in “The Legend of Tarzan,” and her recurring role as Nicole Wallace in the TV show “Law & Order: Criminal Intent.” She has also released several albums and singles as a singer and songwriter and has collaborated with various musicians and bands.

Olivia d’Abo Instagram

Official Account

Olivia d’Abo has an official Instagram account (@oliviadabo), where she shares photos and updates about her life and career. She has over 8,000 followers and regularly interacts with her fans through comments and direct messages. Her Instagram feed features a mix of personal photos and professional shots, showcasing her diverse interests and talents.

Popular Posts

Some of Olivia d’Abo’s most popular Instagram posts include photos of her with fellow actors and musicians, behind-the-scenes shots from her movies and TV shows, and candid snapshots from her daily life. She also posts inspirational quotes and messages, showcasing her positive and uplifting personality.

Olivia d’Abo Personal Life

Family and Relationships

Olivia d’Abo comes from a creative and talented family. Her father, Mike d’Abo, was a member of the band Manfred Mann, and her sister, Maryam d’Abo, is an actress and model. Olivia has been married twice, first to music producer Patrick Leonard and later to actor Julian Ozanne. She has one child, a son named Oliver, from her first marriage.

Philanthropy and Activism

Olivia d’Abo is actively involved in various philanthropic and activist causes. She is a supporter of the Environmental Media Association and has worked to promote environmental awareness and sustainability. She is also a supporter of the anti-human trafficking organization Not For Sale and has spoken out against human trafficking and modern slavery.


Olivia d’Abo is a talented and versatile performer who has made a significant impact in the entertainment industry. From her early roles in movies such as “Bolero” to her recent work in TV shows like “Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce,” she has shown her range and ability as an actress. Her feet, wiki, Instagram, and personal life have also been of interest to her fans, who appreciate her openness and authenticity. Olivia d’Abo continues to inspire and entertain audiences with her talent and passion, and we can’t wait to see what she does next!

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