Orlando Bloom


Orlando Bloom is a British actor who has been in the entertainment industry for over two decades. He first gained fame for his role as Legolas in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and has since starred in several blockbuster films. Bloom has also made headlines for his personal life, including his relationship with singer Katy Perry and their recent engagement. In this article, we will explore the latest news on Bloom, his age, kids, and his beach-ready physique.

Orlando Bloom’s Latest News

Orlando Bloom

Engagement to Katy Perry

In February 2019, Bloom proposed to his longtime girlfriend Katy Perry on Valentine’s Day. The couple had been dating on and off since 2016 and had briefly split in 2017 before rekindling their romance. The engagement was announced on Instagram with a photo of Perry’s stunning engagement ring, which features a pink center stone surrounded by diamonds. Fans of the couple are eagerly awaiting news of their wedding plans.

Upcoming Projects

Bloom has several projects in the works, including a TV series adaptation of the fantasy novel The Lord of the Rings, in which he will reprise his role as Legolas. He is also set to star in the upcoming film Needle in a Timestack, alongside Leslie Odom Jr. and Freida Pinto. In addition, Bloom is rumored to be in talks to star in a biopic about Formula One driver Michael Schumacher, although no official announcement has been made.

Orlando Bloom’s Age and Kids

How Old is Orlando Bloom?

Orlando Bloom was born on January 13, 1977, which makes him 44 years old as of 2021. Despite his age, Bloom maintains a youthful appearance and is often praised for his fitness and physique.


Bloom has one child, a son named Flynn Christopher Bloom, who was born in 2011. Flynn’s mother is Bloom’s ex-wife, model Miranda Kerr. Despite their divorce, Bloom and Kerr remain on good terms and co-parent their son together.

Orlando Bloom’s Beach-Ready Physique

Workout Routine

Bloom is known for his dedication to fitness and has been spotted working out at various gyms and fitness studios over the years. He is a fan of yoga and has been practicing for over a decade. Bloom also incorporates weight training and cardio into his routine to maintain his lean and toned physique.

Beach Style

Bloom is often seen hitting the beach in board shorts and a tank top, showing off his toned arms and abs. He has been spotted surfing and paddleboarding, and is known to enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and cycling. Bloom’s beach-ready look has made him a style icon for many, and his casual yet put-together outfits are often emulated by fans.


Orlando Bloom continues to be a beloved figure in Hollywood, both for his acting talent and his personal life. His engagement to Katy Perry has made headlines around the world, and fans are eagerly anticipating news of their wedding plans. Despite being in his forties, Bloom maintains a youthful appearance and is often praised for his dedication to fitness. Whether he’s hitting the beach or starring in blockbuster films, Orlando Bloom is sure to remain a fixture in the entertainment industry for years to come.

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