Parker Finn

Introduction: Who is Parker Finn?

Parker Finn is a young and talented director who has made a name for himself in the film industry. Born and raised in Los Angeles, he has always had a passion for storytelling and filmmaking. After studying film at the University of Southern California, he began his career as a director and has since directed several successful short films and feature-length movies.

Parker Finn’s Career

Parker Finn

Early Work

After graduating from USC, Parker Finn began making short films and submitting them to festivals. His first short film, “Smile,” was well-received and won several awards. This success led to more opportunities, and he was soon directing music videos and commercials.

Feature Films

In 2017, Parker Finn directed his first feature film, “Laura Hasn’t Slept.” The horror movie premiered at the Slamdance Film Festival and was praised for its unique storytelling and suspenseful atmosphere. Since then, he has directed several other feature films, including “The Last Time I Saw You” and “The House on Willow Street.”

Interview with Parker Finn

Inspiration and Process

When asked about his inspiration for “Laura Hasn’t Slept,” Parker Finn cites classic horror movies like “The Shining” and “Rosemary’s Baby” as well as real-life experiences. He says his process involves a lot of research and planning, but he also allows for spontaneity on set. “I like to have a solid plan, but I also like to leave room for creativity and experimentation,” he says.

Future Projects

Parker Finn is currently working on several projects, including a new horror movie and a drama series. He says he enjoys exploring different genres and experimenting with different styles. “I don’t want to be pigeonholed as a horror director or a drama director,” he says. “I want to be known for telling compelling stories, no matter what the genre.”

Personal Life

Age and Family

Parker Finn was born on June 16, 1990, which makes him 31 years old as of 2021. He comes from a family of filmmakers and grew up surrounded by the industry.

Social Media

Parker Finn is active on social media and often shares behind-the-scenes photos and updates on his projects. He can be found on Twitter (@parkerfinn) and Instagram (@parkerfinn).


Parker Finn is a rising star in the film industry, known for his unique storytelling and ability to create suspenseful, atmospheric movies. With several successful projects under his belt and more in the works, he is definitely a director to watch in the coming years.

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