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Netflix’s Narcos is a popular crime drama that has managed to captivate audiences worldwide. One of the most interesting characters in the series is ‘El Chepe,’ a drug lord played by Pepe Rapazote. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the actor behind the character and explore some interesting facts about his life and career.

Early Life and Career

Pêpê Rapazote

Pepe Rapazote was born in Lisbon, Portugal, in 1968. He grew up in a family of artists and musicians and was always interested in the arts. He studied at the Lisbon Theatre and Film School and later moved to New York to pursue his acting career.

Acting Career

Pepe Rapazote has had an extensive acting career, both on stage and on screen. He has appeared in several Portuguese films and TV shows, including the popular series ‘Bairro Alto.’ He has also acted in several Spanish productions, such as ‘Los Serrano’ and ‘Los hombres de Paco.’

Pepe Rapazote in Narcos

Pepe Rapazote’s breakout role came in 2017 when he was cast as ‘El Chepe’ in the third season of Narcos. ‘El Chepe’ is a prominent drug lord who works with the Cali Cartel in Colombia. Rapazote’s portrayal of the character was widely praised by critics and audiences alike.

Preparing for the Role

To prepare for the role of ‘El Chepe,’ Pepe Rapazote spent several months studying the history of the Cali Cartel and the drug trade in Colombia. He also worked with a dialect coach to perfect his Spanish accent and spent time with former drug lords to understand their mindset and motivations.

Other Notable Roles

Pepe Rapazote has appeared in several other popular TV shows and movies. He played the role of George in the hit series ‘Shameless’ and appeared in the movie ‘The Counselor’ alongside Brad Pitt and Michael Fassbender.

Future Projects

Rapazote is set to appear in the upcoming Netflix series ‘White Lines,’ which is created by the same team behind ‘Money Heist.’ He will play the role of a nightclub owner in Ibiza who becomes embroiled in a murder investigation.


Pepe Rapazote is a talented actor who has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. His portrayal of ‘El Chepe’ in Narcos has cemented his status as one of the most promising actors of his generation. We look forward to seeing more of his work in the future.


Who is Pepe Rapazote?

Pepe Rapazote is an actor from Lisbon, Portugal. He has appeared in various TV shows and movies, including “Narcos” where he played the role of El Chepe.

What is El Chepe’s character in Narcos?

El Chepe is a high-ranking member of the Sinaloa cartel in the Netflix series “Narcos”. He is known for his cunning and strategic thinking, and is often seen as a mentor to other members of the cartel.

How did Pepe Rapazote prepare for his role as El Chepe?

Pepe Rapazote prepared for his role as El Chepe by studying the history of the Sinaloa cartel and its leaders. He also worked with a dialect coach to perfect his Spanish accent and spent time in Mexico to immerse himself in the culture.

What other TV shows and movies has Pepe Rapazote appeared in?

Pepe Rapazote has appeared in TV shows such as “Shameless”, “Blue Bloods”, and “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”. He has also appeared in movies such as “The Counselor” and “American Made”.

What other projects is Pepe Rapazote currently working on?

As of 2021, Pepe Rapazote is set to appear in the upcoming TV series “The Wheel of Time” and the movie “El Chicano”.

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