Quintessa Swindell


Quintessa Swindell is a rising star in Hollywood, known for their captivating performances and striking presence on screen. Their recent roles in popular TV series and upcoming movies have sparked curiosity among fans, leading to questions about their personal life and background. In this article, we will delve into Quintessa Swindell’s movies, race, parents, and the topic of their gender identity.

Quintessa Swindell’s Movies

Quintessa Swindell

Quintessa Swindell made their acting debut in the hit HBO series “Euphoria” as Anna, a non-binary character who struggles with addiction and identity issues. Their portrayal of Anna earned critical acclaim and opened doors for more opportunities in the industry.

Recently, Swindell was cast as Cyclone in the upcoming DC movie “Black Adam,” starring Dwayne Johnson. Cyclone is a superhero who has the power to control the wind and fly, and is a member of the Justice Society of America. This role is a significant milestone for Swindell, as it marks their first major movie appearance.

Is Quintessa Swindell Trans?

Swindell’s gender identity has been a topic of discussion among fans and media outlets. While the actor has not publicly identified as trans, they have expressed support for the trans community and advocated for more representation in the entertainment industry.

In an interview with Variety, Swindell shared their thoughts on gender and identity, saying, “I don’t really believe in labels. I feel like they’re very limiting. I think it’s important to just be yourself and not worry about fitting into a box that society has created for you.”

Quintessa Swindell’s Race

Swindell is of mixed race, with African American, Indigenous, and European ancestry. They have spoken out about the importance of intersectionality and representation for people of color in the media.

In an Instagram post, Swindell wrote, “Being mixed race, I’ve never felt like I fully belonged in any space. But I’m grateful for my unique perspective and the ability to bring that to my work.”

Quintessa Swindell’s Parents

Not much is known about Swindell’s parents, as the actor has kept their personal life private. However, Swindell has mentioned that their parents are supportive of their career and artistic endeavors.

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Swindell shared, “My parents have always been my biggest supporters. They’ve always encouraged me to pursue my passions and express myself creatively.”


Quintessa Swindell is a talented actor who is making waves in Hollywood with their powerful performances and advocacy for marginalized communities. Their movies, race, and parents may be topics of interest for fans, but it is important to respect their privacy and focus on their work as an artist. We look forward to seeing more of Swindell’s incredible talent on screen in the future.

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