Richard Davalos


Richard Davalos was an American actor who had a successful career in Hollywood during the 1950s and 1960s. He was known for his roles in movies such as East of Eden, Cool Hand Luke, and The Wild Angels. Davalos was also the father of actress Alexa Davalos, who is known for her roles in movies such as The Chronicles of Riddick and Defiance.

Early Life and Career

Richard Davalos

Early Life

Richard Davalos was born on November 5, 1930, in New York City. He was raised in a family of artists; his mother was a dancer, and his father was a painter. Davalos was interested in acting from a young age and began performing in school plays. After high school, he attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City.

Career Beginnings

Davalos began his acting career in the 1950s, appearing in small roles in movies such as Panic in the Streets and On the Waterfront. In 1955, he was cast in his breakthrough role as Aron Trask in the movie East of Eden, which was directed by Elia Kazan and starred James Dean. The movie was a critical and commercial success, and Davalos received praise for his performance.

Movie Career

Collaboration with James Dean

After East of Eden, Davalos continued to work in Hollywood and appeared in several movies throughout the 1950s and 1960s. He had a close friendship with James Dean and appeared in two more movies with him: Rebel Without a Cause and Giant. Davalos was devastated by Dean’s death in 1955 and later said that he had lost a “brother.”

Other Movie Roles

Aside from his collaborations with James Dean, Davalos appeared in several other notable movies throughout his career. He played a supporting role in the 1967 movie Cool Hand Luke, which starred Paul Newman. He also appeared in the 1966 movie The Wild Angels, which was directed by Roger Corman and starred Peter Fonda. Davalos continued to act in movies and television shows until the 1990s.

Cause of Death

Illness and Death

Richard Davalos died on March 8, 2016, at the age of 85. He had been suffering from pneumonia and was in hospice care at the time of his death. His daughter, Alexa Davalos, released a statement saying that her father had “lived life to the fullest” and that he had “left an indelible mark on the world of film.”


Richard Davalos was a talented actor who made a significant impact on Hollywood during his career. He was known for his intense performances and his collaborations with James Dean. Davalos’ legacy continues through his daughter, Alexa Davalos, who has followed in his footsteps and become a successful actress in her own right.


Who is Richard Davalos?

Richard Davalos was an American actor who appeared in numerous films and television shows throughout his career.

What are some of Richard Davalos’ most famous movies?

Some of Richard Davalos’ most famous movies include “East of Eden,” “Cool Hand Luke,” and “Death of a Salesman.”

What was the cause of Richard Davalos’ death?

Richard Davalos died on March 8, 2016, at the age of 85. The cause of his death has not been publicly disclosed.

Who is Alexa Davalos?

Alexa Davalos is an American actress who is best known for her roles in the television series “Angel” and the movie “The Chronicles of Riddick.” She is also the daughter of Richard Davalos.

Did Richard Davalos and Alexa Davalos appear in any movies together?

No, Richard Davalos and Alexa Davalos did not appear in any movies together.

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