Richard Dawson


Richard Dawson was a well-known British-American actor, comedian, and game show host. He was famous for hosting the popular TV game show “Family Feud” and for his roles in various movies and TV shows. However, his personal life was just as interesting as his professional life. In this blog post, we will take a look at Richard Dawson’s movies and TV shows, his family, and his legacy.

Richard Dawson’s Movies and TV Shows

Richard Dawson

1. Hogan’s Heroes

One of Richard Dawson’s most famous TV shows was “Hogan’s Heroes,” which aired from 1965 to 1971. In the show, he played the role of Corporal Peter Newkirk, a prisoner of war who was part of a group of Allied prisoners trying to escape from a Nazi prison camp. Dawson’s character was known for his wit and humor, and he quickly became a fan favorite.

2. The Running Man

In the 1987 movie “The Running Man,” Richard Dawson played the role of Damon Killian, the host of a deadly game show where contestants had to fight for their lives. Dawson’s character was ruthless and entertaining, and he delivered some of the most memorable lines in the movie.

3. Family Feud

Richard Dawson is perhaps best known for hosting the popular TV game show “Family Feud” from 1976 to 1985 and again from 1994 to 1995. He was known for his charming personality and his ability to connect with the contestants and the audience. He also popularized the tradition of kissing female contestants on the cheek, which became a trademark of the show.

Richard Dawson’s Family

1. Shannon Dawson

Richard Dawson had two sons, Mark and Gary, from his first marriage to actress Diana Dors. He also had a daughter, Shannon, from his second marriage to Gretchen Johnson. Shannon Dawson is a writer and producer who has worked on various TV shows, including “The Amazing Race” and “Family Feud.”

2. Gretchen Johnson Dawson

Gretchen Johnson was Richard Dawson’s second wife, and they were married from 1991 until his death in 2012. Johnson was a contestant on “Family Feud” in 1981, and she and Dawson fell in love on the set. They had a daughter together, Shannon, and remained happily married until Dawson’s death.

Richard Dawson’s Legacy

1. Game Show Host

Richard Dawson will always be remembered as one of the most iconic game show hosts of all time. His charm, humor, and ability to connect with the contestants and the audience made him a fan favorite. He paved the way for future game show hosts and inspired many people to pursue careers in the entertainment industry.

2. Actor and Comedian

Richard Dawson was also a talented actor and comedian who appeared in various movies and TV shows throughout his career. He was known for his wit, humor, and ability to make people laugh. His performances in “Hogan’s Heroes” and “The Running Man” are still remembered and celebrated today.

3. Family Man

Despite his busy career, Richard Dawson was also a devoted family man who loved his children and his wife dearly. He was known for his kind heart and his generosity, and he always put his family first. His legacy as a loving husband and father will always be remembered.


Richard Dawson was a talented actor, comedian, and game show host who left a lasting legacy in the entertainment industry. His movies and TV shows, his family, and his legacy will always be remembered and celebrated by his fans and loved ones.

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