Ricky Nelson

The Tragic Story of Ricky Nelson: Cause of Death, Songs, Family, and Plane Crash

Ricky Nelson

The Early Life of Ricky Nelson

Ricky Nelson was born on May 8, 1940, in Teaneck, New Jersey. He was the second son of the famous couple Ozzie and Harriet Nelson. The family moved to California when Ricky was just six years old, and he grew up in the entertainment industry. In 1952, the family began their radio show, “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet,” which aired for over 20 years. Ricky was just 16 years old when he began performing on the show, and he quickly became a fan favorite.

Ricky Nelson’s Music Career

In addition to his acting career, Ricky Nelson was also a talented musician. He began recording music in the late 1950s and quickly became one of the most popular rock and roll artists of the time. Some of his most famous songs include “Travelin’ Man,” “Hello Mary Lou,” and “Garden Party.” He was known for his smooth voice and good looks, and he quickly became a teen idol.

The Tragic Plane Crash

On December 31, 1985, Ricky Nelson was traveling from Alabama to Texas for a New Year’s Eve concert. He was flying on a private plane with his band and crew when the plane caught fire and crashed in a field in Texas. Ricky and six others on the plane were killed instantly. The cause of the crash was later determined to be a malfunction in the plane’s heating system. The tragedy shocked the music world, and fans mourned the loss of one of their favorite artists.

Ricky Nelson’s Family

Ricky Nelson was married twice and had five children. His first wife was Kristin Harmon, and they had four children together: Tracy, Gunnar, Matthew, and Sam. After their divorce, Ricky married Helen Blair, and they had one child, a daughter named Kelly. Ricky’s son Sam followed in his father’s footsteps and became a musician. He has released several albums and has toured with his brother Gunnar.

The Legacy of Ricky Nelson

Despite his untimely death, Ricky Nelson’s music continues to be popular today. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987, and his songs have been covered by countless artists over the years. His family has also continued to keep his memory alive. In 2020, they released a tribute album called “Nelson Family Rarities,” which featured previously unreleased recordings by Ricky and his family. Ricky Nelson may be gone, but his music and legacy will live on forever.

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