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Ringo Starr is a legend in the music industry. He is a former Beatles drummer and has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He is also a songwriter, singer, and actor. Today, we will be exploring Ringo Starr’s top songs and tour dates. We will also take a look at his official website and bio.

Ringo Starr’s Top Songs

Ringo Starr

Ringo Starr’s Children Today

Ringo Starr has three children. His first child, Zak, was born in 1965 to his first wife, Maureen Cox. His second child, Jason, was born in 1967 to Maureen Cox. His third child, Lee, was born in 1970 to his second wife, Barbara Bach. All of his children are now grown up and pursuing their own careers.

Ringo Starr’s Top Songs

Ringo Starr has had many hits throughout his career. Some of his top songs include “Photograph,” “It Don’t Come Easy,” “You’re Sixteen,” “Back Off Boogaloo,” and “No No Song.” These songs have become classics and are still popular today. Ringo Starr’s unique sound and style have made him one of the most influential drummers in rock and roll history.

Ringo Starr’s Official Website and Bio

Ringo Starr’s Age

Ringo Starr was born on July 7, 1940, which makes him 81 years old as of 2021. Despite his age, Ringo Starr is still active in the music industry and continues to tour and record new music.

Ringo Starr’s Bio

Ringo Starr was born in Liverpool, England. He began his music career playing in various bands before joining The Beatles in 1962. After The Beatles disbanded in 1970, Ringo Starr pursued a solo career and released many successful albums. He is also known for his work as an actor, appearing in films such as “Caveman” and “The Magic Christian.” Ringo Starr has also been involved in various philanthropic causes throughout his career.

Ringo Starr’s Tour Dates

Ringo Starr Now

Ringo Starr is currently on tour with his band, Ringo Starr and His All Starr Band. The tour began in June 2021 and will continue throughout the year. The tour includes stops in various cities throughout the United States and Europe. Fans can check Ringo Starr’s official website for tour dates and ticket information.

Ringo Starr Tour

Ringo Starr’s tours are known for their high-energy performances and classic hits. His All Starr Band includes some of the best musicians in the industry, and they always put on a great show. Ringo Starr’s tours are a must-see for any music fan, and they are a testament to his enduring popularity and talent.

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