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The divorce of Richard and Lindsay Roberts, two prominent figures in the Christian community, has been a topic of controversy and speculation for years. Lindsay Roberts, who is also known for her involvement with Oral Roberts University, has been the subject of rumors surrounding her alleged affair and her role in the university. In this blog post, we will explore the details of their divorce and shed light on the events that led to the separation of this once-powerful couple.

The Divorce of Richard and Lindsay Roberts Today

Robert Lindsay

The Background of the Couple

Richard and Lindsay Roberts were married for over 30 years before their divorce in 2019. Richard Roberts is the son of Oral Roberts, the founder of Oral Roberts University, and served as the president of the university from 1993 to 2007. Lindsay Roberts, on the other hand, is a well-known speaker and author, and has been involved with the university for many years.

The Alleged Affair of Lindsay Roberts

One of the main reasons for the divorce of Richard and Lindsay Roberts is rumored to be Lindsay’s alleged affair with a former ORU professor. The rumors began circulating in 2018, and although Lindsay denied the allegations, the couple still decided to separate. The alleged affair has caused a rift in the Christian community, with some supporting Lindsay and others condemning her actions.

The Role of ORU in the Divorce

Another aspect of the divorce that has caused controversy is the involvement of Oral Roberts University. Some have speculated that the university played a role in the separation of the couple, with Richard being forced to resign from his position as president due to financial misconduct allegations. Others believe that the university is protecting Lindsay and has not taken any action against her alleged affair. The exact role of the university in the divorce remains unclear, but it has certainly added to the drama surrounding the situation.

The Impact on Richard and Lindsay Roberts’ Daughters

The Public Scrutiny

The divorce of Richard and Lindsay Roberts has not only affected the couple, but also their two daughters, Jordan and Olivia. Both daughters have been subject to public scrutiny and criticism, with some blaming them for their parents’ divorce. Jordan, who is also a speaker and author, has been particularly affected by the situation, with some accusing her of being involved in her father’s financial misconduct. The impact on the daughters has been significant, and they have had to deal with the fallout of their parents’ divorce in the public eye.

The Future of the Family

The future of the Roberts family remains uncertain, with Richard and Lindsay now living separate lives. Despite the controversy surrounding their divorce, both Richard and Lindsay continue to be involved in the Christian community and have their own ministries. It is unclear whether the couple will reconcile or whether their divorce is final, but the impact of their separation will be felt for years to come.


The divorce of Richard and Lindsay Roberts has been a controversial topic in the Christian community, with rumors surrounding Lindsay’s alleged affair and the involvement of Oral Roberts University. The impact on their two daughters has also been significant, with both Jordan and Olivia facing public scrutiny and criticism. While the future of the Roberts family remains uncertain, one thing is clear: their divorce has had a lasting impact on their lives and on the Christian community as a whole.

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