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Ryan Robbins is a Canadian actor who has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry with his versatile acting skills. He has appeared in several movies and TV shows, including the popular series Riverdale and the post-apocalyptic film Scorched Earth. In this blog post, we will explore his acting career and some of his most notable roles.

Early Career

Ryan Robbins

Ryan Robbins IMDb Profile

Ryan Robbins began his acting career in the late 1990s, appearing in small roles in TV shows and movies. He gained recognition for his role in the Canadian TV series Stargate Atlantis, where he played the character Ladon Radim. This led to more opportunities in the entertainment industry, and he started to get more significant roles in movies and TV shows.

Working with The Thayver Group

During his early career, Ryan Robbins also worked with The Thayver Group, a Canadian film production company. He appeared in several of their movies, including The Butterfly Effect 2 and Walking Tall: Lone Justice. This collaboration helped him gain more exposure and establish himself as a talented actor in the film industry.

Recent Work

Ryan Robbins in Riverdale

One of Ryan Robbins’ most notable roles in recent years is his appearance in the popular TV series Riverdale. He played the character Frank Andrews, the estranged brother of Fred Andrews, who is played by Luke Perry. Ryan Robbins’ performance was praised by critics and fans alike, and it helped him gain even more recognition in the entertainment industry.

Ryan Robbins in Scorched Earth

In 2018, Ryan Robbins appeared in the post-apocalyptic film Scorched Earth. He played the character Billie, a ruthless criminal who is pursued by the film’s protagonist, played by Gina Carano. Ryan Robbins’ performance was once again praised by critics, and it helped him establish himself as a versatile actor who can play both positive and negative characters.

Personal Life and Future Projects

Ryan Robbins and Rebecca Reichert

Ryan Robbins is married to actress Rebecca Reichert, who is also known for her work in the entertainment industry. The couple has been together for several years and has two children together.

Future Projects

Ryan Robbins has several upcoming projects that are sure to keep him busy in the coming years. He will be appearing in the TV series Sacred Lies, which is based on the novel The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly. He will also be appearing in the movie The Devil’s Harmony, which is currently in post-production.


Ryan Robbins is a talented actor who has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry with his versatile acting skills. From his early work with The Thayver Group to his recent roles in Riverdale and Scorched Earth, he has proven himself to be a skilled and dedicated actor. With several upcoming projects in the works, it is clear that Ryan Robbins is a rising star in the entertainment industry.

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