Sarah Jones


Meet Sarah Jones, a multi-talented woman who has made a name for herself in various industries. From surviving a tragic train accident to pursuing her passion for music and acting, Sarah Jones is a true inspiration. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at her life and achievements.

Surviving a Tragic Train Accident

Sarah Jones

In 2014, Sarah Jones was working as a camera assistant on the set of the movie “Midnight Rider” when a train crashed into the crew, killing her colleague and friend, Greg Allman. Sarah was one of the six crew members who were injured in the accident. Despite the trauma and physical injuries she sustained, Sarah remained resilient and determined to move forward.

After the accident, Sarah became an advocate for safety on film sets and worked with the Sarah Jones Film Foundation to raise awareness about the importance of safety protocols. Her legacy has inspired many in the film industry to prioritize safety on set.

Drummer and Musician

Aside from her work in the film industry, Sarah is also a talented drummer and musician. She started playing drums at a young age and has performed with various bands over the years. Sarah is known for her energetic and dynamic drumming style, which has earned her a loyal fan base.

In addition to playing drums, Sarah is also a skilled guitarist and vocalist. She has released several albums and singles, showcasing her diverse musical talents. Sarah’s music is a reflection of her personal experiences and struggles, and she uses it as a way to connect with her audience on a deeper level.

Acting Career and Vegas

Sarah’s passion for acting led her to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. She has appeared in several TV shows and movies, including “Vampire Diaries,” “The Originals,” and “The Wedding Party.” Sarah’s talent and dedication to her craft have earned her critical acclaim and a loyal fan following.

Recently, Sarah starred in the hit Las Vegas show “Absinthe,” where she showcased her acrobatic and comedic skills. Her performance was a highlight of the show, and she received rave reviews from audiences and critics alike.

Cheerleader and Fitness Enthusiast

In addition to her many talents, Sarah is also a former cheerleader and fitness enthusiast. She has a passion for staying active and healthy, and she often shares her workout routines and healthy eating habits on social media.

Sarah’s dedication to fitness and wellness has inspired many of her fans to adopt a healthier lifestyle. She is a role model for those who want to achieve their fitness goals while maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle.


Sarah Jones is a true inspiration, a survivor, and a multi-talented woman who has made a name for herself in various industries. Her resilience, passion, and dedication to her craft have earned her a loyal fan following and critical acclaim. Sarah’s legacy will continue to inspire and motivate others to pursue their dreams and make a positive impact in the world.

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