Sebastian Cabot


Sebastian Cabot was a British actor who was known for his distinctive voice and his roles in various movies and TV shows. He had a long and successful career in the entertainment industry, and his work is still remembered and appreciated by many people today.

Early Life and Career

Sebastian Cabot

Family and Education

Sebastian Cabot was born in London, England in 1918. His father was a well-known businessman and his mother was an actress. Cabot was educated at a private school in London and later attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

Early Acting Career

Cabot began his acting career in the 1940s, appearing in various stage productions and radio programs. He also worked as a voice actor, lending his distinctive voice to various animated films and TV shows. In the 1950s, he began to appear in movies, including the classic film “Ivanhoe.”

TV Career

Family Affair

One of Cabot’s most famous roles was as Mr. Giles French in the TV show “Family Affair.” The show was a hit in the 1960s and made Cabot a household name. He played the role of the butler, who was responsible for taking care of three children after their parents died.

The Twilight Zone

Cabot also appeared in several episodes of the classic TV show “The Twilight Zone.” His performances were memorable and helped to cement his status as a talented actor.

Personal Life

Hand Injury

In the 1950s, Cabot suffered a serious hand injury that left him unable to work for several months. He was forced to take a break from acting and focus on his recovery.

Wife and Children

Cabot was married to Kathleen Cabot, and the couple had two children together. His wife was a talented actress in her own right, and the two often worked together on stage productions and TV shows.


Sebastian Cabot Explorer

Cabot was also known for his love of exploration and travel. He was a member of the Royal Geographical Society and traveled extensively throughout his life. He even wrote a book about his travels, called “Journey into Wilderness.”


Sebastian Cabot passed away in 1977, but his legacy lives on. He was a talented actor and a beloved figure in the entertainment industry. His work continues to be appreciated by fans around the world, and his contributions to film and TV are still remembered today.


Who is Sebastian Cabot?

Sebastian Cabot was a British actor who was born on July 6, 1918, and passed away on August 22, 1977. He appeared in numerous films, television shows, and stage productions throughout his career.

What are some of Sebastian Cabot’s most famous roles?

Sebastian Cabot is perhaps best known for his role as Mr. French on the popular television show “Family Affair” in the 1960s. He also provided the voice of Bagheera in Disney’s “The Jungle Book” and played the role of Giles French in “The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis.”

What was Sebastian Cabot’s early life like?

Sebastian Cabot was born in London, England, and grew up in a family of actors. He attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and began his career on the stage before transitioning to film and television.

What awards did Sebastian Cabot win during his career?

Sebastian Cabot was nominated for several awards throughout his career, including two Emmy Awards for his role on “Family Affair.” He also won a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture for his role in the 1961 film “The Time Machine.”

What was Sebastian Cabot’s personal life like?

Sebastian Cabot was married twice and had two children. He was known for his love of music and often sang on his television appearances. He was also a supporter of animal rights and was involved in several animal welfare organizations.

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