Sharon Stone


Sharon Stone is an American actress, producer, and former fashion model who gained international recognition for her role in the erotic thriller Basic Instinct. Since then, she has become an iconic figure in Hollywood, starring in numerous movies and television shows. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Sharon Stone now, including her age, movies, leg crossing, photo gallery, and her relationship with her brother Patrick Stone.

Sharon Stone Now: Age and Movies

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone was born on March 10, 1958, which makes her 63 years old as of 2021. Despite her age, she continues to work in the entertainment industry, starring in movies and television shows. Some of her recent movies include The Laundromat, All I Wish, and What About Love. She also appeared in the television series Ratched and The New Pope.

Stone has received numerous awards and nominations for her work in the entertainment industry. She won a Golden Globe Award for her role in Casino and was nominated for an Academy Award for the same movie. She has also been nominated for several other awards, including Primetime Emmy Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards, and BAFTA Awards.

Sharon Stone Leg Crossing

One of the most iconic scenes in Sharon Stone’s career is the leg crossing scene in Basic Instinct. In the scene, Stone’s character, Catherine Tramell, is being interrogated by the police, and she uncrosses and crosses her legs, revealing that she’s not wearing underwear. The scene caused controversy and made Stone a sex symbol.

Stone has spoken about the scene in interviews, saying that she was unaware of how much of an impact it would have. She also said that the scene was filmed in a way that made it look more revealing than it actually was, and that she was wearing underwear during filming.

Sharon Stone Photo Gallery

Sharon Stone has been in the public eye for over three decades, and during that time, she has appeared in countless photoshoots and red carpet events. There are many photo galleries online where fans can browse through pictures of Stone throughout her career.

One of the most popular photo galleries is on Getty Images, which has over 10,000 photos of Stone. The photos range from her early modeling days to her most recent red carpet appearances. Fans can also find photo galleries on fan sites and social media platforms.

Sharon Stone’s Brother Patrick Stone

Sharon Stone has a close relationship with her brother Patrick Stone, who is a successful attorney. Patrick has represented Sharon in several legal cases throughout her career, including a lawsuit against a producer who used her likeness without permission.

Patrick is also involved in philanthropy, and he and Sharon have worked together on several charitable projects. They co-founded the Planet Hope charity, which provides assistance to homeless families and children in need. In an interview, Sharon spoke about her relationship with Patrick, saying that he’s always been there for her and that they have a strong bond.


Sharon Stone has had a long and successful career in the entertainment industry, and she continues to work in movies and television shows. Despite her age, she remains a sex symbol and an iconic figure in Hollywood. Fans can browse through countless photo galleries of Stone and learn more about her personal life, including her relationship with her brother Patrick Stone.

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