Shawna Waldron


Shawna Waldron is an American actress who rose to fame in the 1990s for her role as Becky “Icebox” O’Shea in the hit movie “Little Giants”. Since then, she has starred in numerous movies and TV shows, showcasing her versatility as an actress. In this blog post, we will explore the career of Shawna Waldron, from her early days in “Little Giants” to her current projects.

Early Career: Little Giants

Shawna Waldron

Shawna Waldron’s breakthrough role came in 1994 when she landed the lead role of Becky “Icebox” O’Shea in the movie “Little Giants”. The movie was a huge success and established her as a talented young actress. In “Little Giants”, she played a tomboy who joins a football team to prove that she can play just as well as the boys. Her performance was praised by critics and audiences alike, and it remains one of her most iconic roles to this day.

Other Movies

After the success of “Little Giants”, Shawna Waldron went on to star in several other movies. In 1996, she starred in “The American President” alongside Michael Douglas and Annette Bening. She also appeared in “The Gingerbread Man” in 1998 and “The Perfect Nanny” in 2000. While these movies may not have been as successful as “Little Giants”, they showcased her range as an actress and her ability to take on different types of roles.

TV Shows

In addition to her movie roles, Shawna Waldron has also appeared in several TV shows over the years. In 2002, she had a recurring role on the hit show “Family Law”. She also guest-starred on shows like “NYPD Blue”, “The X-Files”, and “CSI: NY”. More recently, she appeared in the TV movie “The Night Stalker” in 2016 and the series “Siren” in 2019.

Current Projects

Shawna Waldron continues to act and has several upcoming projects in the works. She is set to appear in the movie “The Runaround” alongside Emile Hirsch and J.K. Simmons. She is also set to star in the upcoming horror movie “Isolation” and the drama “The Last Whistle”. With her talent and versatility, it’s clear that Shawna Waldron’s career is still going strong.


Shawna Waldron’s career has spanned over two decades, and she has proven herself to be a talented and versatile actress. From her breakout role in “Little Giants” to her current projects, she has shown that she can take on a wide range of roles and deliver strong performances. We look forward to seeing what she does next and wish her continued success in her career.

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