Steven Anthony Lawrence


Steven Anthony Lawrence is a former child actor who rose to fame in the late 1990s and early 2000s. He is best known for his role as Beans in the hit Disney Channel show, Even Stevens. Since then, he has appeared in various movies and TV shows, but has also faced challenges due to his disability. In this blog post, we will take a look at Steven Anthony Lawrence’s life and career, including his parents, movies and TV shows, his life now, and his experiences with disability.

Steven Anthony Lawrence’s Parents

Steven Anthony Lawrence

Steven Anthony Lawrence was born on July 19, 1990, in Fresno, California. He was raised by his parents, John Lawrence and Ann Shaw. John Lawrence is a retired police officer, while Ann Shaw is a former nurse. Steven has two older sisters, and he was the youngest child in the family.

Steven’s parents were supportive of his acting career from a young age. In fact, they moved the family to Los Angeles when Steven was just six years old so that he could pursue his dreams of becoming an actor. They enrolled him in acting classes and helped him get auditions for various TV shows and movies.

Steven Anthony Lawrence’s Movies and TV Shows

Steven Anthony Lawrence’s breakout role was as Beans in the hit Disney Channel show, Even Stevens. He appeared in all three seasons of the show, which aired from 2000 to 2003. After that, he appeared in various movies and TV shows, including Kicking & Screaming, Cheaper by the Dozen, and Re-Animated.

Steven has also made guest appearances on TV shows such as That’s So Raven, ER, and Weeds. In recent years, he has focused more on voice acting, lending his voice to characters in shows like The Adventures of Kid Danger and The Loud House.

Steven Anthony Lawrence Now

Steven Anthony Lawrence is now 31 years old and still active in the entertainment industry. While he may not be as well-known as he was during his Even Stevens days, he continues to work on various projects. He is also active on social media, particularly Twitter, where he has over 30,000 followers.

Aside from his acting career, Steven is also an advocate for disability rights. He was diagnosed with a rare condition called Morquio Syndrome when he was a child, which affects his physical growth and mobility. Despite this, he has not let his disability hold him back and has continued to pursue his dreams.

Steven Anthony Lawrence and Disability

Steven Anthony Lawrence has been very open about his experiences with disability. He has spoken about the challenges he has faced due to his condition, including bullying and discrimination. However, he has also used his platform to raise awareness about disability rights and to encourage others with disabilities to pursue their dreams.

In 2022, Steven will be releasing a documentary called “Beans: Life with Morquio Syndrome,” which will chronicle his experiences living with the condition. The documentary will also feature interviews with other people with disabilities and will aim to educate viewers about disability rights.

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