Taliesin Jaffe


Taliesin Jaffe is a well-known name in the world of gaming and entertainment. He is a voice actor, writer, and director, who is best known for his role as Percy in the popular web series Critical Role. However, in recent times, Taliesin Jaffe has been in the news for controversial reasons. In this blog post, we’ll explore the Taliesin Jaffe controversy, including his illness, no-fly list, hand-shaking, and more on his personal life.

Taliesin Jaffe’s Illness

Taliesin Jaffe

In early 2020, Taliesin Jaffe announced that he was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a rare autoimmune disorder that affects the nervous system. He shared his journey of recovery with his fans on social media, and many of them sent their love and support. However, some people criticized him for not taking the COVID-19 pandemic seriously enough, as he attended a convention just a week before his diagnosis. Taliesin Jaffe defended himself, saying that he took all the necessary precautions and that his illness was not related to the convention.

Taliesin Jaffe’s Recovery

Despite the challenges he faced, Taliesin Jaffe remained positive and continued to work on his projects. He took a break from Critical Role for a few months to focus on his health, but he returned to the show in June 2020. He also continued to voice act for various video games and animated series. Taliesin Jaffe’s recovery inspired many of his fans, who praised him for his resilience and determination.

Taliesin Jaffe and the No-Fly List

In September 2021, Taliesin Jaffe tweeted that he was on the no-fly list and that he didn’t know why. He said that he had never been arrested or convicted of a crime, and that he had no idea why he was being targeted. His tweet went viral, and many people expressed their support for him. Some speculated that he was being targeted because of his political views or his involvement in activism. However, Taliesin Jaffe later deleted his tweet and did not provide any further information on the matter.

The No-Fly List Controversy

The no-fly list is a controversial tool used by the US government to prevent people from boarding planes if they are deemed a threat to national security. Critics of the no-fly list argue that it violates people’s civil liberties and can be used against innocent individuals. Taliesin Jaffe’s experience with the no-fly list sparked a debate on social media about the effectiveness and fairness of the list.

Taliesin Jaffe and Hand-Shaking

In October 2021, Taliesin Jaffe was criticized for shaking hands with fans at a convention during the COVID-19 pandemic. A video of him shaking hands with multiple people went viral on social media, and many people called him out for not following COVID-19 guidelines. Taliesin Jaffe later apologized for his actions and said that he had made a mistake. He also urged his fans to follow COVID-19 guidelines and to stay safe.

The Importance of Following COVID-19 Guidelines

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected millions of people around the world, and following guidelines such as wearing masks and social distancing is crucial to prevent the spread of the virus. Taliesin Jaffe’s mistake serves as a reminder that even famous people can make mistakes, and that we should all do our part to keep ourselves and others safe.

Taliesin Jaffe’s Personal Life

Taliesin Jaffe is a private person, and he rarely talks about his personal life in public. However, he has been open about his struggles with mental health and his journey of self-discovery. He has also mentioned his wife, who is a writer and artist, in some of his interviews. Taliesin Jaffe’s fans have speculated about his sexuality and his relationship status, but he has not confirmed anything.

Taliesin Jaffe’s Impact on Fans

Taliesin Jaffe’s honesty and vulnerability about his struggles with mental health have inspired many of his fans to seek help and to be more open about their own struggles. His fans have also praised him for his talent and his kindness towards his fans. Taliesin Jaffe’s impact on his fans is a testament to the power of honesty and vulnerability.


The Taliesin Jaffe controversy has sparked debates on various topics, from the no-fly list to COVID-19 guidelines. However, it has also highlighted Taliesin Jaffe’s resilience and his impact on his fans. Taliesin Jaffe’s journey is a reminder that even famous people have struggles, and that we should all be kind and supportive towards each other.

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