Taylor Russell


Taylor Russell is a young and talented actress who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. She has starred in several movies and TV shows and has been praised for her acting skills. In this blog post, we will explore her life, including her age, ethnicity, acting career, boyfriend, and more.

Early Life and Career

Taylor Russell

Age and Ethnicity

Taylor Russell was born on July 18, 1994, in Vancouver, Canada. As of 2021, she is 27 years old. She is of mixed ethnicity, with her father being African-American and her mother being of European descent. Russell grew up in a multicultural household and has embraced her diverse background.

Acting Career

Russell began her acting career in 2012 when she appeared in a short film called “Emily and the Magic Maze.” She then went on to make her television debut in an episode of “Blink” in 2013. However, her breakthrough role came in 2018 when she starred in the horror movie “Escape Room.” The film was a commercial success and helped Russell gain recognition in Hollywood.

Personal Life


Taylor Russell is known to keep her personal life private, and she has not revealed much about her romantic relationships. However, it is rumored that she is currently dating her “Waves” co-star, Kelvin Harrison Jr. The two have been spotted together on several occasions, and fans have speculated that they are in a relationship.

Photos and Social Media

Russell is active on social media, and she often shares photos of herself and her work on Instagram. Her Instagram handle is @tayrussell, and she has over 200k followers. She also has a Twitter account, where she interacts with her fans and shares updates about her projects.



Since her debut in 2012, Taylor Russell has appeared in several movies. Some of her notable film credits include:

  • Dead of Night (2013)
  • Before I Fall (2017)
  • Down a Dark Hall (2018)
  • Escape Room (2019)
  • Waves (2019)

TV Shows

Russell has also made appearances in several TV shows. Some of her notable TV credits include:

  • Blink (2013)
  • Strange Empire (2015)
  • Falling Skies (2015)
  • Lost in Space (2018-2019)
  • Hotwired in Suburbia (2019)


Taylor Russell is a rising star in Hollywood, and she has proven her talent as an actress. Her diverse background and dedication to her craft have made her a fan favorite, and we can expect to see more great things from her in the future.

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