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Benediction is a biographical film directed by Terence Davies, one of the most acclaimed British filmmakers of our time. The movie chronicles the life of Siegfried Sassoon, a British poet and soldier who fought in World War I and became an anti-war activist. The film premiered in 2021 and has received critical acclaim for its stunning visuals, powerful performances, and emotional depth.

The Director: Terence Davies

Terence Davies

Terence Davies is a filmmaker known for his poetic and deeply personal style. Born in Liverpool in 1945, Davies grew up in a working-class family and experienced a difficult childhood marked by poverty, abuse, and religious oppression. These themes are recurrent in his films, which often explore the complexities of human relationships, memory, and identity.

The Trilogy

Davies gained international recognition in the 1980s with his autobiographical trilogy, consisting of the films “Distant Voices, Still Lives,” “The Long Day Closes,” and “The Neon Bible.” These movies are a poignant reflection on Davies’ upbringing and feature a unique blend of realism and lyricism that has become his trademark.

The Style

Davies’ films are characterized by their attention to detail, their use of music and poetry, and their visual beauty. His camera movements are often slow and contemplative, allowing the audience to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the film. Davies’ work is also known for its exquisite production design, which recreates the past with a meticulous eye for detail.

The Movie: Benediction

Benediction is Davies’ latest film and a departure from his previous work in many ways. While still retaining his signature style, the movie is a more straightforward biopic that follows the life of Siegfried Sassoon, a British poet and soldier who became an anti-war activist after witnessing the horrors of World War I.

The Performances

The film features a stellar cast, with Jack Lowden delivering a powerful performance as Sassoon. The supporting cast is equally impressive, with actors such as Peter Capaldi, Gemma Jones, and Simon Russell Beale bringing depth and nuance to their roles.

The Themes

Benediction is a poignant exploration of themes such as war, love, loss, and the power of art. The film shows how Sassoon’s experiences in the trenches shaped his worldview and led him to become a vocal opponent of the war. At the same time, the movie also celebrates the beauty and resilience of the human spirit, as exemplified by Sassoon’s poetry.


Benediction is a masterful film that showcases Terence Davies’ talent as a filmmaker. The movie is a moving tribute to a remarkable man and a powerful reminder of the human cost of war. With its stunning visuals, powerful performances, and emotional depth, Benediction is a must-see for anyone interested in cinema that engages both the heart and the mind.


What is Benediction?

Benediction is a film directed by Terence Davies, based on the life of British poet Siegfried Sassoon.

When was Benediction released?

Benediction was released in 2021.

Who directed Benediction?

Benediction was directed by Terence Davies.

What is the plot of Benediction?

Benediction is based on the life of British poet Siegfried Sassoon, and follows his experiences during World War I and his eventual decision to become a pacifist.

What are the reviews like for Benediction?

Benediction has received critical acclaim, with many reviewers praising Davies’ direction and the performances of the cast.

Who stars in Benediction?

Benediction stars Jack Lowden as Siegfried Sassoon, along with Peter Capaldi, Gemma Jones, and others.

Where can I watch Benediction?

Benediction is currently available to stream on various platforms, such as Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV.

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