Titus Welliver


Titus Welliver is a well-known American actor, painter, and producer. He is best known for his role as Harry Bosch in the Amazon Prime series Bosch. However, there is more to Titus Welliver than just his acting career. In this blog post, we will explore the fascinating life of Titus Welliver, from his tattoos to his family, and everything in between.

Titus Welliver’s Tattoos

Titus Welliver

One of the most noticeable things about Titus Welliver is his tattoos. He has a full sleeve on his left arm and several other tattoos on his body. Welliver’s tattoos have been a topic of discussion among his fans for years, with many wondering about their meanings. Welliver has stated in interviews that his tattoos are a reflection of his personal experiences and beliefs. For example, one of his tattoos is a tribute to his father, who was a famous landscape painter. Another tattoo is a tribute to his mother, who was a fashion designer. Welliver’s tattoos are not just a form of self-expression; they are also a way for him to honor the important people in his life.

Titus Welliver’s Son Quinn Welliver

Titus Welliver is a proud father of two children, Eamonn and Quinn. Quinn Welliver, in particular, has been making a name for himself in the entertainment industry. He is an actor and has appeared in several movies and TV shows, including The Good Doctor and The X-Files. Quinn has also worked with his father on several occasions, including an episode of Bosch. Titus Welliver has stated in interviews that he is proud of his son’s accomplishments and is happy to see him following in his footsteps.

Titus Welliver’s Movies

Titus Welliver has appeared in several movies throughout his career. Some of his most notable roles include Silas Adams in the HBO series Deadwood, the Man in Black in Lost, and the voice of the Decepticon Barricade in the Transformers movies. Welliver has also appeared in several other movies, including The Town, Argo, and Gone Baby Gone. Welliver’s versatility as an actor is evident in his ability to play a wide range of characters, from villains to heroes.

Titus Welliver’s Star Trek Voyager Appearance

One of Titus Welliver’s earliest roles was in the Star Trek Voyager episode “Equinox.” In the episode, Welliver played the role of Lieutenant Maxwell Burke, a Starfleet officer who had gone rogue. Welliver’s performance in the episode was praised by fans and critics alike, and it helped to launch his career as an actor. Although Welliver has gone on to appear in many other TV shows and movies, his appearance in Star Trek Voyager remains a fan favorite.

Titus Welliver’s Family and Biography

Titus Welliver was born on March 12, 1961, in New Haven, Connecticut. He is the son of famous landscape painter Neil Welliver and fashion designer Norma Cripps. Welliver grew up in Philadelphia and attended the University of Pennsylvania, where he studied drama. Welliver has been married twice, first to Joanna Heimbold and later to Elizabeth W. Alexander. He has two children, Eamonn and Quinn. Welliver’s career as an actor has spanned over three decades, and he has become one of the most respected actors in the industry.


Titus Welliver’s life is a fascinating story of talent, hard work, and dedication. From his tattoos to his family, Welliver has lived a life that is both interesting and inspiring. As an actor, he has entertained audiences with his incredible performances, and as a person, he has inspired many with his personal experiences and beliefs. Whether you are a fan of his acting or just curious about his life, there is no denying that Titus Welliver is a true icon of our time.

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