Tom Schilling


Tom Schilling is a German actor, musician, and filmmaker. He gained recognition for his roles in films such as “Oh Boy” and “A Coffee in Berlin.” However, there is more to know about this talented artist beyond his acting career. In this blog post, we will dive into his personal life, including his wife, son, and his music project “Major Tom” on YouTube.

Tom Schilling’s Personal Life

Tom Schilling

Tom Schilling’s Wife

Tom Schilling is married to Julia Totmann, a German actress. The couple got married in 2018 and has been together for several years. They first met on the set of the film “Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter” in 2011, where they played a couple in love. Since then, they have been inseparable, and their love story is one of the most adorable in the German entertainment industry.

Tom Schilling’s Son

Tom Schilling and his wife, Julia Totmann, have a son named Oskar Schilling. Oskar was born in 2019, and the couple has been enjoying parenthood since then. Tom Schilling has been open about his love for his son and how it has changed his life. He often shares pictures of his family on social media, giving his fans a glimpse into his personal life.

Tom Schilling’s Career

Tom Schilling’s Early Life and Career

Tom Schilling was born on February 10, 1982, in East Berlin, Germany. He started his acting career at the age of 12 and appeared in several films and TV shows. However, his breakthrough role came in 2004 when he played the lead in the film “Crazy.” Since then, he has appeared in many successful films and TV shows, including “Generation War” and “Babylon Berlin.”

Major Tom on YouTube

In addition to his acting career, Tom Schilling is also a musician. He is the lead singer of the band “Pudeldame” and has released several albums. However, his most popular music project is “Major Tom” on YouTube. “Major Tom” is a cover of the classic David Bowie song, and it features Tom Schilling and his band performing the song in various locations across Germany. The videos have become a sensation on YouTube, and they have millions of views.

Tom Schilling’s Awards and Achievements

Tom Schilling has received several awards for his acting career, including the Bavarian Film Award and the German Film Award. He has also been nominated for the European Film Award and the International Emmy Award. In addition, he has been recognized for his contribution to the German entertainment industry and was awarded the Bambi Award in 2020.


Tom Schilling is a talented artist who has made a significant impact on the German entertainment industry. He has won the hearts of many with his acting skills, music, and charming personality. With his wife, son, and music project “Major Tom,” he has created a beautiful life that he shares with his fans. We can’t wait to see what he has in store for us in the future.


Who is Tom Schilling?

Tom Schilling is a German actor and musician. He was born on February 10, 1982, in Berlin, Germany.

What is Tom Schilling’s Wiki?

Tom Schilling’s Wiki is a comprehensive online encyclopedia that provides information about his life, career, and achievements. It includes details about his early life, education, acting career, music career, and personal life.

Does Tom Schilling have a wife?

As of now, there is no information available about Tom Schilling’s marital status. He has kept his personal life private, and there is no news of him being married or in a relationship.

Does Tom Schilling have a son?

There is no information available about Tom Schilling having a son. He has not shared any details about his family or children, and it is unclear whether he has any kids.

What is Major Tom on YouTube?

Major Tom is a YouTube channel created by Tom Schilling and his band, The Jazz Kids. The channel features music videos, live performances, and behind-the-scenes footage of the band’s rehearsals and recording sessions. The channel has over 8,000 subscribers and is a popular destination for fans of Tom Schilling’s music.

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