Tyriq Withers


Tyriq Withers is a popular social media personality known for his entertaining and engaging content on Instagram and YouTube. With a growing following, Tyriq has become a household name, and many people are curious to learn more about him. In this blog post, we’ll delve into Tyriq’s race, ethnicity, Instagram, and more, so you can get to know him better.

Tyriq Withers Wiki

Tyriq Withers

Early Life and Education

Tyriq Withers was born and raised in New York City. He grew up in a close-knit family and was always interested in entertainment and social media. Tyriq attended high school in the city and went on to study at a local college. During this time, he began to explore his passion for creating content and building a social media following.

Career and Rise to Fame

Tyriq’s career in social media began when he started posting videos on YouTube and Instagram under the username “TyriqTV.” His content was funny, relatable, and resonated with viewers, and soon he began to gain a following. Tyriq’s popularity continued to grow, and he expanded his content to include collaborations with other social media influencers and brands.

Tyriq Withers Race and Ethnicity

Background and Heritage

Tyriq Withers is African American and has roots in the Caribbean. His family comes from Jamaica and Trinidad, and he has spoken about his pride in his heritage and culture. Tyriq’s upbringing in New York City also influenced his identity, and he has often shared his experiences as a young black man in the city.

Representation and Advocacy

Tyriq has used his platform to advocate for social justice and promote representation in the media. He has spoken out about issues affecting the black community, including police brutality and systemic racism. Tyriq has also collaborated with other black creators and highlighted their work on his social media channels.

Tyriq Withers Instagram and BillyBillynyc

Social Media Presence

Tyriq’s Instagram account, @tyriqtv, has over 200,000 followers and features a mix of comedic skits, personal moments, and collaborations with other creators. He also has a YouTube channel, TyriqTV, where he posts longer-form content and vlogs. Tyriq’s social media presence has garnered him a loyal following and opportunities to work with brands and other influencers.

BillyBillynyc Partnership

Tyriq is also a co-founder of BillyBillynyc, a lifestyle brand that offers clothing, accessories, and other products. The brand has been successful, and Tyriq has used it as a platform to promote his message of positivity and self-expression. BillyBillynyc has also collaborated with other brands and artists, further expanding its reach and influence.


Tyriq Withers is a talented and influential social media personality with a growing following. His content is relatable, funny, and often carries a message of positivity and social justice. As we’ve seen, Tyriq’s race, ethnicity, and social media presence are all important parts of his identity and have helped shape his career and message. We look forward to seeing what he does next and continuing to follow his journey.

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