Virginia Madsen


Virginia Madsen is a talented actress who has graced both the big and small screens for over three decades. She has been a part of some of the most memorable movies in Hollywood, and her performances have been praised by critics and audiences alike. In this biography, we will take a look at Virginia Madsen’s journey from young Hollywood to now, including her IMDB, vital stats, and memorable movies.

Early Life and Career

Virginia Madsen

Virginia Madsen was born on September 11, 1961, in Chicago, Illinois. She grew up in a family of actors, with her mother, Elaine Madsen, being a writer and producer, and her father, Calvin Madsen, being an actor and firefighter. Virginia began her acting career in the 1980s, appearing in several small roles in movies and TV shows. Her breakthrough role came in 1984 when she played Lisa in the hit movie “Electric Dreams.”

Virginia Madsen Young

Virginia Madsen was a beautiful young actress who caught the attention of Hollywood with her stunning looks and acting talent. She was known for her long blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, and a captivating smile. Her youthful appearance and natural charm made her one of the most sought-after actresses of her time.

Virginia Madsen Age

Virginia Madsen is currently 60 years old, but she still looks as stunning as ever. Her age has not slowed her down, and she continues to act in movies and TV shows. She has aged gracefully and has become an inspiration to many women who want to look and feel their best as they age.

IMDB and Vital Stats

Virginia Madsen has an impressive IMDB profile, with over 100 acting credits to her name. She has acted in movies such as “Sideways,” “Candyman,” “The Hot Spot,” and “Dune.” Her TV credits include “Designated Survivor,” “Witches of East End,” and “American Dreams.” Virginia stands at 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs around 58 kg. Her vital stats are 34-25-34 inches, and she wears a size 6 dress.

Virginia Madsen Measures

Virginia Madsen has a stunning figure that has been the envy of many women. Her measurements are 34-25-34 inches, and she has maintained her figure over the years through a healthy diet and regular exercise. Her toned physique is a testament to her dedication to living a healthy lifestyle.

Memorable Movies

Virginia Madsen has been a part of some of the most memorable movies in Hollywood. Her performances have been praised by critics and audiences alike, and she has won several awards for her work. Some of her most memorable movies include:

Virginia Madsen Photos

Virginia Madsen has been a favorite of photographers and fans alike, thanks to her stunning looks and captivating smile. Her photos have graced the covers of magazines and have been the subject of many photo shoots. Her timeless beauty has made her a favorite of many photographers who have captured her in their lenses.

  • “Sideways”
  • “Candyman”
  • “The Hot Spot”
  • “Dune”
  • “The Number 23”

Virginia Madsen’s career has spanned over three decades, and she has proven to be one of the most talented actresses in Hollywood. Her beauty, talent, and dedication to her craft have made her a role model for many aspiring actors and actresses. She continues to inspire and entertain audiences with her performances, and we can’t wait to see what she has in store for us in the future.

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