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William Hochman is an American actor who has made a name for himself in both television and Broadway. He has gained a large following thanks to his role as Joe Hill on the hit CBS show Blue Bloods. But there is much more to this talented actor than just his role on Blue Bloods. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at William Hochman and his career in the entertainment industry.

Early Life and Career

Will Hochman

Childhood and Education

William Hochman was born and raised in New York City. He developed a love for acting at a young age and began taking classes and performing in school plays. After graduating from high school, he attended the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, where he earned a degree in drama.

Early Career

After graduating from NYU, William Hochman began his career in the theater. He appeared in several off-Broadway productions, including Dead Poets Society and The Inheritance. He also had small roles in several television shows, including The Blacklist and Law & Order: SVU. However, it wasn’t until he landed the role of Joe Hill on Blue Bloods that he gained widespread recognition.

Blue Bloods

The Role of Joe Hill

William Hochman joined the cast of Blue Bloods in 2020, playing the role of Joe Hill. Joe is the grandson of Frank Reagan, the show’s main character. He is a young police officer who is trying to live up to the Reagan family legacy. William’s portrayal of Joe has been praised by fans and critics alike, and he has become a fan favorite on the show.

Shirtless Scenes

One of the things that fans love about William Hochman’s portrayal of Joe Hill is his good looks. He has been known to take his shirt off in several scenes, much to the delight of his fans. However, William has stated in interviews that he doesn’t want to be known just for his looks, and that he takes his craft very seriously.


The Inheritance

William Hochman has had a successful career in the theater, appearing in several off-Broadway productions. However, his breakout role came in the Broadway play The Inheritance. The play, which explores the lives of gay men in New York City, earned rave reviews and several Tony Award nominations. William’s performance as Eric, a struggling writer, was praised by critics and audiences alike.

Future Projects

William Hochman has several exciting projects lined up for the future. He will be appearing in the upcoming film The French Dispatch, directed by Wes Anderson. He is also set to star in the Broadway revival of The Music Man, alongside Hugh Jackman and Sutton Foster. Fans can’t wait to see what he does next.

Personal Life


William Hochman is active on social media, particularly on Instagram. He often shares behind-the-scenes photos from his work on Blue Bloods and other projects. He also shares photos of his personal life, including his travels and time spent with friends and family.

Charity Work

William Hochman is also involved in several charitable organizations. He is a supporter of the Trevor Project, which provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ youth. He has also worked with the Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS organization.


William Hochman is a talented actor who has made a name for himself in both television and theater. His role as Joe Hill on Blue Bloods has earned him a large following, but he has also had success on Broadway and in other television shows. He is also involved in several charitable organizations and is active on social media. With several exciting projects on the horizon, fans can’t wait to see what he does next.


Who is William Hochman?

William Hochman is an American actor known for his work in both television and theater. He has appeared in popular TV shows like “Blue Bloods” and “The Code,” as well as on Broadway in productions like “The Sound Inside” and “The Deep Blue Sea.”

What roles has William Hochman played on “Blue Bloods”?

William Hochman played the role of Detective Clarkin on “Blue Bloods.” He appeared in multiple episodes throughout the show’s ninth season, which aired in 2018 and 2019.

What Broadway productions has William Hochman been in?

William Hochman has appeared in several Broadway productions, including “The Sound Inside,” which earned him a Tony Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Play. He has also been in productions like “The Deep Blue Sea” and “The Inheritance.”

What other TV shows has William Hochman been on?

In addition to “Blue Bloods,” William Hochman has appeared on other popular TV shows like “The Code” and “Madam Secretary.” He has also had guest roles on shows like “The Good Fight” and “The Blacklist.”

What awards has William Hochman won?

William Hochman won a Tony Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Play for his performance in “The Sound Inside” in 2020. He has also been nominated for other awards, including a Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Actor in a Play.

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