Christopher Jacot


Christopher Jacot is a Canadian actor who has been in the entertainment industry for over two decades. He is best known for his roles in popular TV shows and movies such as “Eureka,” “The Strain,” and “Slasher.” In addition to his acting career, Jacot is also a loving partner and father.

Early Life and Career

Christopher Jacot

Childhood and Education

Christopher Jacot was born on June 30, 1979, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He grew up in a family of artists, with his father being a jazz musician and his mother a visual artist. Jacot attended the Claude Watson School for the Arts in Toronto, where he developed a passion for acting and performing.

Early Career

After completing his education, Jacot began his acting career in the late 1990s. He appeared in several TV shows and movies, including “La Femme Nikita,” “Queer as Folk,” and “Get Over It.” However, it was his role as Ted in the TV series “Going the Distance” that put him on the map and earned him critical acclaim.

Personal Life

Relationships and Family

Christopher Jacot is in a long-term relationship with actor and writer, Phil Guerrero. The couple has been together for over a decade and has two children together. Jacot is very private about his personal life and rarely speaks about his relationship or family in interviews.

Hobbies and Interests

When he’s not acting, Christopher Jacot enjoys spending time with his family, playing music, and practicing martial arts. He is also an avid reader and enjoys exploring new cultures and cuisines.

Acting Career

Notable Roles

Christopher Jacot has appeared in numerous TV shows and movies throughout his career. Some of his most notable roles include Dr. Isaac Parrish in the TV series “Eureka,” Dr. Barnes in “The Strain,” and Dylan in the horror anthology series “Slasher.” His performance in “Slasher” earned him critical acclaim and a loyal fanbase.

Future Projects

As of 2021, Christopher Jacot has several projects in the works, including the TV series “Nurses” and the movie “The Forbidden Fruit.”


Christopher Jacot is a talented actor, devoted partner, and loving father. His passion for acting and performing has led him to a successful career in the entertainment industry. With his impressive body of work and upcoming projects, it’s clear that Jacot’s star will continue to rise in the years to come.


Who is Christopher Jacot?

Christopher Jacot is an actor who has appeared in various TV shows and movies. He is also a writer and producer.

What is Christopher Jacot known for?

Christopher Jacot is known for his role as the lead character in the horror TV series, Slasher. He has also appeared in other TV shows such as Eureka, Rogue, and Lost Girl.

Is Christopher Jacot married?

It is not publicly known if Christopher Jacot is married. However, he has referred to his partner in interviews and on social media.

What other projects has Christopher Jacot worked on?

Apart from acting, Christopher Jacot has also worked as a writer and producer. He wrote and produced the short film, The Unspoken, and also wrote and directed the web series, The End of the World as We Know It.

Where can I watch Slasher?

Slasher is available for streaming on Netflix.

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