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Eric Stonestreet is a popular American actor and comedian who is best known for his role as Cameron Tucker in the hit TV show “Modern Family.” While his on-screen presence is impressive, his personal life has also been the subject of much interest. In this post, we will explore Eric Stonestreet’s girlfriend, Lindsay Schweitzer, his net worth, updates on his fiance, Chiefs, and social media accounts.

Eric Stonestreet’s Girlfriend: Lindsay Schweitzer

Eric Stonestreet

Who is Lindsay Schweitzer?

Lindsay Schweitzer is Eric Stonestreet’s girlfriend. She is a pediatric nurse based in Kansas City, Missouri, where Stonestreet is originally from. Schweitzer has been working as a nurse for several years and is passionate about helping children in need.

How Did They Meet?

Eric Stonestreet and Lindsay Schweitzer met during a charity event in Kansas City. The two hit it off immediately and have been dating for several years. Schweitzer has been spotted at several events with Stonestreet, including the 2019 Emmy Awards.

Eric Stonestreet’s Net Worth

What is Eric Stonestreet’s Net Worth?

Eric Stonestreet’s net worth is estimated to be around $23 million. He has earned his fortune through his successful acting career, which includes his role in “Modern Family” as well as appearances in movies such as “The Loft” and “Identity Thief.”

How Does He Spend His Money?

Eric Stonestreet is known to be a generous philanthropist, supporting several charities and foundations. He has donated to organizations such as Stand Up to Cancer, Children’s Mercy Hospital, and the American Cancer Society. Stonestreet is also an avid sports fan and has been seen supporting the Kansas City Chiefs at several games.

Updates on Eric Stonestreet’s Fiance and Chiefs

Who is Eric Stonestreet’s Fiance?

Eric Stonestreet is engaged to Lindsey Schweitzer. The couple has been together for several years and announced their engagement in August 2020. They have not yet announced a wedding date.

What is Eric Stonestreet’s Connection to the Kansas City Chiefs?

Eric Stonestreet is a huge fan of the Kansas City Chiefs and has been seen at several games supporting the team. He has also been known to participate in charity events with Chiefs players and even appeared in a video with Patrick Mahomes, the team’s star quarterback.

Eric Stonestreet’s Social Media Accounts

What is Eric Stonestreet’s Instagram?

Eric Stonestreet’s Instagram handle is @ericstonestreet. He has over 1 million followers and frequently posts pictures of his personal life, including his love for the Kansas City Chiefs and his adorable dog, Coleman.

What is Eric Stonestreet’s Twitter?

Eric Stonestreet’s Twitter handle is @ericstonestreet. He has over 1.4 million followers and frequently tweets about his favorite sports teams, as well as his support for various charities and causes.

Does Eric Stonestreet Have a Wife?

Eric Stonestreet is not married. However, he is engaged to Lindsay Schweitzer, and the couple has been together for several years.

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