Felicity Jones


Felicity Jones is a British actress who has made a name for herself in Hollywood with her incredible acting skills, stunning looks, and charming personality. Born on October 17, 1983, in Birmingham, England, Jones started her acting career in the early 2000s and has since then appeared in several movies and TV shows. In this article, we will take a closer look at Felicity Jones’s biography, hottest pics, movies, and facts.


Felicity Jones

Early Life

Felicity Rose Hadley Jones was born in Birmingham, England, to Julia and Gareth Jones. Her father worked as a journalist while her mother was in advertising. Jones grew up in Bournville, a suburb of Birmingham, and attended King Edward VI Handsworth School. She developed an interest in acting at a young age and started performing in school plays.


After completing her education, Jones moved to London to pursue a career in acting. She started with small roles in TV shows and movies and gradually made her way up. Her breakthrough role came in 2011 when she played the lead in the movie “Like Crazy.” The movie was a critical and commercial success, and Jones’s performance was highly praised. Since then, she has appeared in several movies, including “The Theory of Everything,” “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” and “On the Basis of Sex.”

Hottest Pics

The Red Carpet Look

Felicity Jones is known for her impeccable fashion sense, and her red carpet looks are always a hit. She has been spotted wearing stunning gowns from some of the biggest fashion houses, including Dior, Chanel, and Valentino. Her signature look is simple yet elegant, with minimal makeup and accessories.

The Casual Look

When she’s not on the red carpet, Jones likes to keep it simple and comfortable. Her casual looks usually include a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and a leather jacket. She also likes to wear sneakers or ankle boots to complete the look. Her effortless style has made her a fashion icon for many young women.


The Theory of Everything

In this biographical drama, Felicity Jones played the role of Jane Hawking, the wife of the famous physicist Stephen Hawking. The movie was a critical and commercial success, and Jones’s performance was highly praised. She was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in the movie.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

In this Star Wars spin-off, Jones played the role of Jyn Erso, a skilled fighter who leads a group of rebels to steal the plans for the Death Star. The movie was a box office success and received positive reviews from critics. Jones’s performance was also highly praised, and she became a fan favorite.


She’s a trained ballet dancer

Before pursuing a career in acting, Felicity Jones trained as a ballet dancer. She started dancing at a young age and was accepted into the Royal Ballet School at the age of 8. However, she gave up dancing at the age of 17 to focus on acting.

She’s a feminist

Felicity Jones is a vocal supporter of gender equality and has spoken out about the gender pay gap in Hollywood. She has also played several strong female characters in her movies, including Ruth Bader Ginsburg in “On the Basis of Sex.”

In conclusion, Felicity Jones is a talented actress who has made a name for herself in Hollywood. Her stunning looks, impeccable fashion sense, and charming personality have made her a fan favorite. We hope to see more of her amazing performances in the future.

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