Sam Elliott


Sam Elliott is a legendary American actor known for his iconic voice and rugged good looks. He has been in the entertainment industry for over five decades and has appeared in some of the most memorable films and TV shows of all time. In this blog post, we will explore Sam Elliott’s personal life, including his children, his home in California, his iconic voice, his TV shows, and more in 2022.

Sam Elliott’s Children

Sam Elliott

Sam Elliott has been married to actress Katharine Ross since 1984, and the couple has one child together, a daughter named Cleo Rose Elliott. Cleo was born in 1984 and followed in her parents’ footsteps by pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. She is a talented musician and singer-songwriter who has released several albums over the years.

Sam Elliott also has a step-daughter named Jennifer from Katharine Ross’s previous marriage. Jennifer is an actress and has appeared in several films and TV shows, including “The Graduate” and “The Bionic Woman.”

Sam Elliott’s Home in California

Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross live in a beautiful ranch-style home in Malibu, California. The couple has owned the property since the 1970s and have made several renovations over the years. The home features stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and has a rustic, western-inspired interior design.

In addition to their Malibu home, Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross also own a ranch in Oregon. The ranch has been in Sam’s family for generations and is a special place where the couple enjoys spending time together.

Sam Elliott’s Iconic Voice

Sam Elliott’s deep, gravelly voice is one of the most recognizable in Hollywood. He has lent his voice to countless commercials, TV shows, and films over the years, including “The Big Lebowski,” “The Ranch,” and “The Good Dinosaur.” Sam’s voice is often used to add a sense of gravitas and authority to a project, and it is one of his most defining characteristics as an actor.

Interestingly, Sam Elliott’s voice is not the result of any special training or technique. He was born with a naturally deep voice and has simply learned to use it to his advantage throughout his career.

Sam Elliott’s TV Shows

Sam Elliott has appeared in several TV shows over the years, including “Mission: Impossible,” “Gunsmoke,” and “Justified.” However, one of his most beloved roles is that of Beau Bennett on the Netflix series “The Ranch.” The show follows the Bennett family as they navigate life on a Colorado ranch, and Sam’s performance as the gruff, no-nonsense patriarch is a standout.

In addition to “The Ranch,” Sam Elliott has also recently appeared in the FX series “A Teacher” and the Apple TV+ series “Ted Lasso.”


In conclusion, Sam Elliott is a true Hollywood icon with a rich personal and professional life. From his beautiful home in California to his iconic voice and memorable TV roles, Sam has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. We look forward to seeing what he has in store for us in 2022 and beyond.

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