Georgia Tennant


Georgia Tennant is a British actress and writer that has gained popularity in recent years. She is known for her roles in TV series such as “Doctor Who” and “The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot”. In addition to her acting career, she is also a successful writer, having published her first novel in 2020. In this blog post, we will delve into some interesting facts about Georgia Tennant, from her age and children to her novel and Instagram presence.

Georgia Tennant’s Age and Family

Georgia Tennant

Georgia Tennant was born on December 25, 1984, which makes her 36 years old as of 2021. She was born in London, England, and is the daughter of actor Peter Davison and actress Sandra Dickinson. Tennant has two siblings, Joel and Louis. In 2011, she married actor David Tennant, whom she met on the set of “Doctor Who”. Together, they have five children, including a daughter from David Tennant’s previous relationship.

Georgia Tennant’s Children

Georgia Tennant and David Tennant have five children together. Their first child, a daughter named Olive, was born in 2011, shortly after they got married. They then had a son named Wilfred in 2013, followed by another daughter named Doris in 2015. In 2019, they welcomed their fourth child, a daughter named Birdie. David Tennant also has a son, Ty, from a previous relationship.

Georgia Tennant’s Novel and Writing Career

Georgia Tennant is not only an accomplished actress but also a talented writer. In 2020, she published her first novel, “Tongue Tied”. The book is a romantic comedy and tells the story of a woman named Poppy who has a rare condition that causes her to involuntarily blurt out inappropriate things. The book received positive reviews and was praised for its witty humor and relatable characters. Tennant has also written for TV and contributed to the BBC sitcom “White Van Man”.

Georgia Tennant’s IMDb

Georgia Tennant’s IMDb page lists her acting credits, which include TV series such as “Doctor Who”, “The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot”, and “Sparks and Embers”. She has also appeared in films such as “96 Ways to Say I Love You” and “The Rizen”. In addition to her acting work, she is also credited as a writer for “White Van Man” and “Tongue Tied”.

Georgia Tennant’s Instagram Presence

Georgia Tennant is active on social media, particularly on Instagram, where she has over 200,000 followers. She often shares photos of her family, including her children and husband, as well as behind-the-scenes glimpses of her work. She also posts about her favorite books, TV shows, and films, and often engages with her followers in the comments section.

Georgia Tennant’s Body and Feet

Georgia Tennant is often praised for her natural beauty and effortless style. However, she has also been the subject of some online scrutiny, particularly regarding her feet. In a 2019 Instagram post, she addressed the comments and criticism she had received, stating that she was proud of her body and that everyone should feel confident and comfortable in their own skin.

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