Ricki Lake

Ricki Lake’s Hair Loss Journey

Ricki Lake, the famous talk show host and actress, recently opened up about her struggles with hair loss on Facebook. She revealed that she had been experiencing hair loss for over a decade, and had tried various treatments without success. However, she finally found relief with Harklinikken, a Danish hair loss clinic that uses natural ingredients to promote hair growth.

In her post, Lake shared that she had been skeptical about Harklinikken at first, but was ultimately won over by the clinic’s personalized approach and impressive results. She also praised the clinic’s founder, Lars Skjoth, for his dedication to helping people with hair loss. Lake’s story has inspired many others who are struggling with hair loss to seek out Harklinikken and other natural treatments.

Insights on Arizona Life

Ricki Lake

Aside from her hair loss journey, Ricki Lake has also been sharing insights about her life in Arizona on social media. Lake moved to the state in 2019, and has been enjoying the warm weather and beautiful scenery. She has also been exploring the local culture and cuisine, and sharing her experiences with her followers.

Lake’s posts about Arizona have been particularly popular among her fans, who enjoy seeing a different side of the talk show host. Many have commented on how happy and relaxed Lake seems in her new home, and have expressed their admiration for her courage in starting a new chapter of her life.

First Husbands and Her Show Today

In addition to her personal life, Ricki Lake has also been reflecting on her career and past relationships. She recently shared a throwback photo of herself with her first husband, Rob Sussman, and reflected on their marriage and eventual divorce. Lake also opened up about her regrets regarding her first talk show, which she felt was too sensationalistic and exploitative.

Despite these missteps, Lake has continued to be a successful and influential figure in the entertainment industry. She has been involved in numerous projects over the years, including her current show, “The Ricki Lake Show,” which focuses on topics such as health, wellness, and social justice. Lake’s willingness to be honest and vulnerable about her past experiences has endeared her to many fans, and has inspired others to be more open about their own struggles and triumphs.

Ricki Lake on Facebook

Ricki Lake’s Facebook page has become a hub for fans to connect with the talk show host and stay up-to-date on her latest projects and personal updates. Lake has been active on the platform for years, and has used it to share everything from funny memes to heartfelt messages about her life and work.

Through her Facebook page, Lake has built a strong community of fans who appreciate her honesty, humor, and compassion. She has also used the platform to raise awareness about important issues, such as mental health and body positivity. Overall, Lake’s presence on Facebook has been a positive force for many, and has helped to cement her status as a beloved and respected celebrity.


Ricki Lake’s recent posts on Facebook have provided fans with a deeper insight into her life and experiences. From her struggles with hair loss to her new life in Arizona, Lake has been sharing her journey with honesty and vulnerability. Her willingness to open up about her past mistakes and regrets has also been inspiring to many, and has encouraged others to be more honest and authentic in their own lives.

Overall, Ricki Lake’s presence on Facebook has been a positive force for many, and has helped to cement her status as a beloved and respected celebrity.

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