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Stephenie LaGrossa is a former contestant on the popular reality TV show, Survivor. She rose to fame during her stint on Survivor Palau, where she won the hearts of viewers with her tenacity and fighting spirit. However, Stephenie’s life has been anything but easy since her time on the show. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Stephenie LaGrossa’s life, including her divorce, Instagram, and more.

Survivor Palau

Stephenie Lagrossa

Stephenie LaGrossa first appeared on Survivor in the tenth season of the show, Survivor Palau. She quickly became a fan favorite due to her strong work ethic and never-say-die attitude. Despite being on the losing team for the majority of the season, Stephenie managed to make it all the way to the final three. Although she ultimately lost to Tom Westman, Stephenie’s performance on the show earned her a spot on Survivor: Guatemala, where she once again made it to the final three.

Stephenie LaGrossa’s Wikipedia Page

If you want to learn more about Stephenie LaGrossa’s time on Survivor, her Wikipedia page is a great place to start. The page includes detailed information about her time on the show, as well as her personal life and post-Survivor career.


In 2017, Stephenie LaGrossa announced that she was getting a divorce from her husband, Kyle Kendrick. The couple had been married for eight years and had two children together. In a statement, Stephenie said that the decision to end their marriage was a difficult one, but that it was ultimately the right choice for both of them.

Stephenie LaGrossa’s Twitter

If you want to stay up-to-date on Stephenie LaGrossa’s life, her Twitter page is a great place to start. She frequently posts updates about her personal life, as well as her thoughts on current events and pop culture.


Stephenie LaGrossa is also active on Instagram, where she frequently posts pictures of her children, as well as updates about her personal life. Her Instagram page provides a glimpse into her life as a single mother, as well as her ongoing journey of self-discovery.

Stephenie LaGrossa’s Husband

Before her divorce, Stephenie LaGrossa was married to former Major League Baseball pitcher Kyle Kendrick. The couple met when Kyle was playing for the Philadelphia Phillies, and they were married in 2009. Although they ultimately decided to go their separate ways, Stephenie has spoken fondly of her time with Kyle and has said that they remain close friends.


Stephenie LaGrossa’s life has been full of ups and downs since her time on Survivor Palau. However, she has remained a beloved figure in the Survivor community and continues to inspire fans with her resilience and strength. Whether you follow her on Twitter, Instagram, or simply keep up with her Wikipedia page, there’s no doubt that Stephenie LaGrossa is a fascinating figure with a lot to offer.


Who is Stephenie LaGrossa?

Stephenie LaGrossa is a former contestant on the reality TV show Survivor. She appeared on Survivor Palau, Survivor Guatemala, and Survivor Heroes vs. Villains.

What happened to Stephenie LaGrossa after Survivor Palau?

After Survivor Palau, Stephenie LaGrossa returned for Survivor Guatemala and Survivor Heroes vs. Villains. She also appeared on The Amazing Race with her husband, Kyle Kendrick. In her personal life, LaGrossa got divorced from her first husband, Michael Ward, in 2010.

Is Stephenie LaGrossa active on Instagram?

Yes, Stephenie LaGrossa is active on Instagram. Her username is @survivorsteph, and she frequently posts updates about her life and family.

What is Stephenie LaGrossa doing now?

It is unclear what Stephenie LaGrossa is currently doing for work. However, she is a mother of three and appears to be focused on her family life.

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