Tawny Kitaen

Tawny Kitaen’s Rise to Fame

Tawny Kitaen was born on August 5, 1961, in San Diego, California. She started her career as a model and actress and appeared in various TV commercials and movies in the 1980s. However, her breakthrough came in 1987 when she starred in Whitesnake’s music video for “Here I Go Again.”

The video featured Kitaen dancing on the hood of a car, which became an iconic moment in music video history. Her appearance in the video led to her being cast in other music videos, including Ratt’s “Lay It Down” and Whitesnake’s “Is This Love.” She also appeared in movies like “Bachelor Party” and “Witchboard.”

Tawny Kitaen’s Personal Life and Relationships

Tawny Kitaen

Kitaen was married to Whitesnake’s lead singer, David Coverdale, from 1989 to 1991. She later married baseball player Chuck Finley in 1997, and they had two daughters together. However, their relationship was tumultuous, and Kitaen was arrested for domestic violence in 2002.

After their divorce in 2002, Kitaen struggled with substance abuse and legal issues. She appeared on reality TV shows like “The Surreal Life” and “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew” to address her addiction problems. However, she continued to have run-ins with the law and was arrested for DUIs in 2006 and 2009.

Tawny Kitaen’s Tragic Death and Autopsy

On May 7, 2021, Kitaen was found dead in her Newport Beach, California home. She was 59 years old. The cause of death was not immediately known, but an autopsy later revealed that Kitaen died of a drug overdose.

The autopsy report stated that Kitaen had a lethal combination of cocaine and fentanyl in her system at the time of her death. The report also noted that Kitaen had a history of substance abuse and mental health issues.

Tawny Kitaen’s Legacy and Impact

Kitaen will always be remembered for her iconic appearance in Whitesnake’s music videos. Her career and personal life were filled with highs and lows, but her talent and beauty will always be celebrated. Her daughters, Wynter and Raine, have also followed in their mother’s footsteps and pursued careers in the entertainment industry.

Kitaen’s tragic death serves as a reminder of the dangers of substance abuse and the importance of seeking help for addiction and mental health issues. Her legacy will continue to inspire and influence generations to come.

Tawny Kitaen’s Younger Years and Early Career

Kitaen grew up in Southern California and started her career as a teenager. She appeared in TV commercials for products like Burger King and DeBeers diamonds. She also had small roles in TV shows like “Santa Barbara” and “Married… with Children.”

Kitaen’s big break came when she was cast in the movie “Bachelor Party” in 1984. The movie was a hit, and Kitaen’s performance received critical acclaim. She went on to star in other movies like “Happy Hour” and “White Hot.”

Tawny Kitaen’s Return to the Spotlight

In recent years, Kitaen had been making a comeback of sorts. She appeared in the TV series “Botched” in 2015 and was a contestant on “Celebrity Big Brother” in 2017. She also had a recurring role on the TV show “The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy.”

Kitaen’s return to the spotlight was a testament to her resilience and determination. Despite the challenges she faced in her personal life, she continued to pursue her passion for acting and entertainment.

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