Tyler Hoechlin


Tyler Hoechlin is a name that has been making waves in Hollywood lately. From his breakout role in the hit TV series Teen Wolf to his recent appearance as Superman in the Arrowverse, Hoechlin has been steadily climbing the ladder of success. In this biography, we will take a closer look at his life, career, and personal details.

Early Life and Career

Tyler Hoechlin

Childhood and Education

Tyler Lee Hoechlin was born on September 11, 1987, in Corona, California. He grew up in a family of four, with two brothers and a sister. Hoechlin attended Santiago High School, where he played baseball and was a member of the drama club. After graduating in 2006, he enrolled at Arizona State University, where he studied acting.

Breakthrough Role in Teen Wolf

In 2011, Hoechlin landed the role of Derek Hale in the MTV series Teen Wolf. The show was a huge success and ran for six seasons, with Hoechlin appearing in 49 episodes. He quickly became a fan favorite, thanks to his brooding and intense portrayal of the werewolf character.

Personal Life

Relationship Status and Wife

Hoechlin is notoriously private about his personal life, but it is known that he is currently in a relationship with actress Brittany Snow. The couple has been together since 2012 and has been spotted together at various events and red carpets. However, they have not yet tied the knot.

Body and Fitness

Hoechlin is known for his impressive physique and has often been seen with his shirt off on screen. He maintains his fit body through a combination of weightlifting, cardio, and a healthy diet. He has also participated in various sports, including baseball, basketball, and soccer.

Career Highlights

Movie Roles

Aside from his success on Teen Wolf, Hoechlin has also appeared in several movies. In 2016, he played the role of Boyce Fox in the film adaptation of the bestselling novel Fifty Shades of Grey. He also starred in the indie drama Stratton, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2017.

Superman in the Arrowverse

In 2016, Hoechlin was cast as Superman in the CW’s Arrowverse. He first appeared in the second season of Supergirl and has since made several guest appearances in other Arrowverse shows, including The Flash and Batwoman. His portrayal of the iconic superhero has been praised by fans and critics alike.


Tyler Hoechlin’s rise to fame has been nothing short of impressive. From his humble beginnings in California to his current status as a Hollywood star, he has worked hard to achieve his dreams. With his talent, good looks, and dedication to his craft, there’s no doubt that he will continue to make waves in the entertainment industry.

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